My 4 Favorite Places To Read

I can pick up a book a read where ever I want. Now that ebooks are a thing, I can have as many books as I want in the palm of my hand. I can take my Kindle or iPad with the Kindle app on it where ever I go. Or I can bring a physical book or two with me… or bring both. It depends on where I’m going, how long I’ll be there for, and how far into my current read I’m in.

While I’ve gotten better, I’ve never been one to be able to read with a lot of noise around me. I always get too distracted and I can’t focus on the words I’m trying to read. I can’t hear myself think. With that said, I always prefer to read in a quite area alone – or with other people who are reading or doing their own work.

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The Couch

The couch in my office is a great place to read. We got a new light for the room over the summer so I can actually see what I’m reading. I have the second edition of the Kindle so if I’m reading an ebook, I don’t have a backlight (unless I decide to use my iPad).

My office is, obviously, where I spend the majority of my time. I like lounging on the couch with the cat and/or dog resting beside (or on top) of me. The turtle will usually be wandering around the room. It’s tranquil and generally just a relaxing time.

My Bed

Similar to the couch, you can’t go wrong by lying in bed with a book. I’ve read in bed before going to sleep on many occasions, but sometimes I’ll just head to bed before or after dinner and be there for the rest of the day reading a book. It always makes me feel good and it’s super comfortable.

I usually steal one of Kris’s pillows from her bed if I decide to sit up in bed while reading. My bed is pressed up against the wall and I’ll use her pillow to lean back. I need to get myself one of those pillows… I don’t even know what they’re called, but they’re super comfortable.

The Bathtub

Who doesn’t light a candle, put on some classical music, and lounge in the bathtub? I don’t because I typically read and having the music on (even without lyrics) will sometimes distract me. I don’t like a candle because I get paranoid and honestly, lately the dog has been barging in on me while I take a bath and I wouldn’t put it past her to knock the candle over by accident.

But still, the bathtub is a wonderful place for me lie back, breathe in the scented bubbles, and relax with some of my favorite characters. It’s probably one of the most peaceful places I can read.

My Car

I think, especially lately, my car is my favorite place for me to read. When I have to babysit during the week, I get to the school a half hour earlier than I need to be because the parking can be horrible. I sit in my car for that half hour and read my book. It’s awesome. My car is probably the quietest place I can go and there’s never anyone around me.

Plus, it’s consistent each day. I know I’ll always get to read some of my book for at least a half hour a day if I can’t find any other time to get some reading done.

Where are some of your favorite places to read? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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8 thoughts on “My 4 Favorite Places To Read

  1. I’m good at tuning things out, and because reading for me means I have to be able to hear my book (unless I’m reading a braille one) I have a set of headphones I call my travel headphones, which I take with me when I’m going somewhere, so I can use them to hear my book if there’s a lot of noise, or if I’m worried people will be disturbed by my reading.

    I’ve got the same concern as you with candles. The dog likes to jump up at the side of the bath, and sometimes throws her ball in to the tub. I don’t mind the first thing, but could do without the second. Anyway, I’m sure she’d knock candles over if I had them lit.

    I can – and do – read just about anywhere, but most of my reading ends up done in bed. I settle the dog in the evening, and then curl up in bed to enjoy a book while she sleeps beside me. That’s not the only place I read, but it’s the main one, and my favourite, to be honest.

    • I definitely need to try listening to audio books more. I’m afraid I’ll tune them out though and will need to follow along with the words… in which case, I should just read it myself, lol.

      My dog hates baths and I think she tries to “rescue” me when I’m in the tub. She gets very confused that I’m willingly in the tub.

      Lying in bed with the dog and a book is ideal, I agree.

      • Yeah… If you’re going to just tune the book out, you might as well read it yourself.

        My previous dog felt that way. Kero always thought it strange I’d willingly go in water. Even when we went to the beach he thought I was odd for going near the water, and wasn’t about to go near it himself. Not Lilie though. She loves water, and would be in the bath with me given half a chance. She’s the only dog I’ve ever known who will try to climb in the bath herself if you ask her if she wants a bath and turn on the taps. All I have to do to get her in there is give her the boost she needs to make the leap. She’s not impressed with my insistance on using shampoo and such, but loves the water.

        • Lol, that’s funny. My first dog used to love water but she never cared when I was in the tub, lol.

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