Short Story Sunday 247: Half Moon [Flash Fiction]

Short Story: "Half Moon" | Flash Fiction | Creative Writing |

“Don’t you think it looks like a fingernail?” Daisy broke the silence. She rested both hands on her stomach, her head resting on Cody’s stomach. Their bodies lay as a perfect 90-degree angle from one another.

Cody cracked a smile but shook his head. “I bring you out here to look at the stars. You know, trying to be romantic and all that. Then you have to point out to me that the moon looks like a fingernail?”

“But it does, doesn’t it?”

Cody sighed. He tilted his head to view at a different angle, the grass behind his head tickling his ears. He moved his arm up to scratch it, but Daisy reached over her head and snatched his wrist. She brought it back down and hugged it close to her like a teddy bear.

“Why do you want me to think the moon looks like a fingernail so much?” Cody asked. He let her have his right hand. He lifted his left arm and finally scratched behind his ear.

Daisy’s shoulders moved up in a tight shrug. “I don’t know. It was the first thing that popped in my head.”

“How about you take a look at the stars? I thought you enjoyed the constellations.” Cody suggested.

“I do,”


“But the moon is the brightest.”

Cody gave a slight nod even though she couldn’t see him. It was true, the moon, even skinny like a fingernail, was the brightest thing in the sky at the moment. He had to admit even he was having a hard time seeing the stars. He thought that might have been because he left his glasses in his truck, though.

He rested his arm behind his head and lifted up his left leg so his knee was in the air. He was careful not to disturb Daisy. His stomach was beginning to ache from the weight of her head, but he wasn’t about to push her off.

They were silent. There was nothing but the crickets chirping around them, a light breeze rustling in the trees. Daisy especially loved listening to Cody’s heartbeat as his chest moved her head up and down in rhythm to his breathing. Cody drew in deep breaths in time with the wind as Daisy’s perfume would make its way over to him.

“Hey, did you see that?” Daisy broke the silence once again.

“See what?” Cody asked tilting his gaze to look up at the sky.

“There was a shooting star. You missed it.”

“Oh,” Cody swallowed. “Well, you can make a wish at least. Is that what you’re supposed to do when you see a shooting star?”

Daisy chuckled. “Yeah, but I don’t need to make a wish.”

Cody raised an eyebrow. “You don’t?”

“I don’t,” Daisy repeated. She lifted her left hand and smiled at her new ring glinting in the moonlight.

Cody took her hand now in his. He kissed the back of her palm.

They fell silent again.

Words: 496

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