Short Story Sunday 245: Sound

Short Story: "Sound" | Creative Writing | Flash Fiction |

He was tapping his fingers along the kitchen counter. She was sitting at the kitchen table tapping away on her laptop. Chloe was sitting in the other room trying to read a book. While she was able to focus on her reading with a little noise in the background, even through people having a conversation, she preferred to read in silence. It was a little hard to read when you had a couple of roommates. Her bedroom was being painted so she wasn’t able to barricade herself and be alone.

She could hear the various tapping from the living room and even though it wasn’t that loud, it was beginning to get right through her head. Lana was working on some homework, or so Chloe thought. There was no way Lana was able to type an essay that fast. Not with her attention span at least. Chandler was most likely sitting on the kitchen counter eating and drumming his fingers along the granite in satisfaction. He always boasted about what great food he made – it didn’t matter if he roasted a turkey or made a cheese sandwich.

Chloe curled up closer to the side of the couch. She brought her knees up to her chest and rested the book against them like a lap desk. She cleared her throat trying to bring her mind back to the book and not the annoying tapping sounds coming from the other end of the room.

But then Chandler came into the living room. He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. Chloe glanced at the news and then glared at Chandler.

“Do you mind? You have a TV in your room. I can’t go into my bedroom.” Chloe said trying not to sound rude.

Chandler looked at her and noticed the book. “Oh, sorry.” He turned off the TV. “But I’m a little full. Do you mind if I sit here for a minute?”

“Sure,” Chloe shrugged and looked back at her book.

There was a crunching sound. Chloe was jolted out of her reading again. She looked at Chandler who had a bag of chips. The bag crinkled loudly as he reached his hand before a loud crunch as he popped a couple chips in his mouth chewing loudly with his mouth open.

Chloe groaned. “I thought you were full?”

“One can never be too full for chips.” Chandler laughed.

Chloe sighed. “You know what? You can watch TV.” She stood up and headed for the front door.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To my car,” Chloe left the house. She sat in her car in the driveway rolling down the window just a crack. She leaned the driver’s seat back and sighed happily. Now all she could hear were birds chirping. She didn’t mind though. It was a pleasant sound.

Words: 473

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