Short Story Sunday 244: Jacket

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“It’s cold, get your jacket.” Adam said. He threw on his own jacket, zipping it all the way up to his neck.

Ryan looked down at his body. “I’m in a sweatshirt, I’m fine.”

“It’s cold. Get a jacket.” Adam said more stern this time. He shoved his hands into his pockets and stood in front of the door.

Ryan sighed. It was obvious neither one of them were leaving until he got a jacket. “Dude, we’re guys. We don’t get cold.”

“We still get sick though.” Adam replied quickly.

“I won’t get sick though.” Ryan countered.

“You don’t know that.”

“I do know that. I was just sick last week. I’m done for a while.”

“All the more reason for you to get a jacket.”

Ryan groaned pinching the bridge of his nose. “No, I already had a cold. All the bad germs are out of my body now.”

“You don’t know if all of them are out of your body. There may still be some bad germs lingering and you could get sick again.” Adam continued to protest.

Ryan stared at his friend with a deadpan expression. “Adam, I’m fine. Let’s go.”

“Do you want to know why you got sick in the first place?” Adam asked.

Ryan rolled his eyes. “No, I don’t.”

“It’s because you didn’t wear a jacket.”

Ryan let out an annoyed howl. He turned around and stomped over to the closet. He pulled out his coat and threw it on. He turned back around and stretched his arms out to the side showcasing his coat to Adam. “Are you happy now?”

Adam remained silent staring at his friend expectantly.

Ryan looked down. He rolled his eyes realizing why Adam wasn’t satisfied. He zipped up then looked back up at Adam again, who smiled.

Adam opened the front door and stepped to the side. “After you.”

“I hate you.” Ryan muttered stomping out of the house.

“Great, you can drive.” Adam replied happily.

Words: 329

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