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2019 is right around the corner. I have no idea where 2018 went… I don’t even know where December is going. I can’t believe we’re just about halfway through the month. It’s crazy.

December has always been a month of reflection and prep for me. Looking back of all that I’ve accomplished this year and looking ahead to see how I can improve and keep going in the following year. There’s a lot I plan to do in 2019, so this month hasn’t been any different from past Decembers.

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I’ve been brainstorming and getting things prepped for 2019 since September/October. I don’t know why, but I always get in the mood to look ahead to the new year around that time. Maybe that’s why things go so fast. I rush it without meaning to.


2019 will be big!

My blog posts and the type of content I publish will be slightly different next year. Nothing too drastic, but more “personal” and “real,” if you will. I’ll also be doing something a little different with the guest posts that I host on the blog as well.

I’m thinking of new marketing ideas for the blog along with other things (you know, like my book).

There will also be three new… things? Features? Whatever you want to call them. I’m still working on them and have no idea when they’ll start, but I’m hoping all of them will happen in 2019. One will be on the blog, one is for the blog but on something else, and the other is unrelated to the blog.

So, there are those three things along side regular blogging and writing. I’ve gotten a decent head start on things though, so hopefully soon!

With that said, there’s still a lot of prep work I need to do for the month of December. It’s not easy with the holidays, but I’m excited and hope you guys will enjoy the many things to come!

Are you doing any prepping for the new year for your own work? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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13 thoughts on “Blog Prep For 2019

  1. I tend to start thinking ahead as from the start of November. November 1st is the Celtic new year, my birthday is in November, and considering there’s only seven weeks of the calender year left when my birthday rolls around, it really gets me reflecting and planning.

    I’ve not announced this on my blog yet, since I’m doing it in a post that’s going up on January 1st, but I’m planning a new blogging schedule from January, which will have me blogging Monday through Friday, with each day having a theme to it.

    • Maybe our birthdays have a lot to do with it then. My birthday is the beginning of September so, in a way, it’s like a new year is starting, lol.

      That sounds awesome! I’ll definitely be looking forward to that. 🙂

  2. I’m planning to alternate between blogging and working on fiction. A lot of my posts will still be ad hoc (e.g. book and film reviews, interesting news) but I want to do regular ones on certain subjects – I’d like to write more about my experiences with Asperger’s Syndrome, for instance. I’ve recently started a side blog focussed on nature and I think I should experiment a bit with different sorts of posts to see what works best.

    I look forward to seeing the content on your blog in the coming year!

    • That sounds great! Honestly, I have a list of blogs I want to create, but then I’d be running at least five blogs, lol. I already run two and that’s tough enough. So that’s why I’m going to expand the content on this one a bit.

      Thank you! I wish you all the best with your blog in 2019 as well!

  3. I rolled out 2 new features in 2018 for my blog.

    They’re irregular, but a thing. My Query Corner and Author Spotlights.

    For my Query Corner — I love helping rewrite queries and did it a lot on facebook groups, but after I got a new job, I didn’t have the spare time to troll the groups to rewrite queries. And this way I get to show off what I’ve done and keep in practice. I started off doing them weekly, but now only post them when I have the time and queries in my inbox, rather than asking around every time I ran out of queries on my queue.

    For my Author Spotlights — the longer I’m part of the writing community, the more writers I meet and want to support. BUT. I like having a lot of control over the content of my blog and a level of consistency, so wasn’t as comfortable with book release posts and stuff. Because they can be so random and different. Author Spotlights was a way to split the difference and support my friends.

    I participated in a Blog Hop — sharing other people’s posts on my blog that was just plain uncomfortable for me — despite the other participants giving me great stuff that fit in well with my blog. And blogging for them (Oh, hey! I can reblog those on my own blog and give myself more content if I have a bad week!)

    I’ve also been trying to put a more personalized touch in my blog. Just sharing my own experiences rather than making everything more… educational?

    In the new year? I’m just striving for consistency. I think I like the balance I have, although my queries/spotlights require other people getting back to me, which can be a struggle. I’d like to have a queue and more people submitting.

    • Exactly! I want my blog to be more “personal” than “educational.” That’s a great way to put it. I’ll still have those kinds of posts here and there, but I definitely want to add more “me” into the mix like it used to be.

      I like to have all the control as well. I’d prefer to write a post with links rather than reblog, lol. It’s hard to split the balance between your own content and supporting your friends and fellow writers/bloggers.

      It seems like you had a great 2018 and I’m sure you’ll add more in 2019! Good luck. 🙂

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