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It’s December! I’ve decided to throw another blog party for a few reasons:

  • It’s been three months since the last blog party
  • Winter is setting in
  • A new year is coming which means new beginnings and connections – let’s spread the love!

In the comments below…

  • Introduce yourself and your blog name.
  • Share one thing you love to do in the winter.
  • Link to one (1) blog post of yours – this can be your latest post, your favorite one, most popular, whatever. Just link to one and people can explore the rest of your blog from there.

After you comment…

  • Please be sure to check out blog posts from others. This is a way for all us to gain more exposure and meet new people. Please don’t just drop your link below and leave. Share the kindness and check out some other blogs.
  • Also, please feel free to respond to people in the comments and start conversations. Also, check back on the post periodically to see if anyone has responded to your own comment.
  • Share this post around especially if you know any blogging friends who could use more exposure – the more the merrier!

I’ll do my best to check out each and every one of your blogs for the day. Of course, while I’ll leave the comments open, I most likely won’t be checking blogs after this day is over (due to time and other obligations). So get them in now!

Remember… one blog post and check out other blogs from people you don’t know. This is all about connecting.

Have fun!

Happy connecting! Please share this post around for a chance for others to connect.

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26 thoughts on “Blog Party! [December 2018]

    • Hey, Richard! Great to see you here. 🙂
      Good for you for walking the dogs in the winter… I can’t stand the cold, lol. (Neither can my dog!)
      I look forward to checking out your blog!

      • I do like staying inside in winter a lot of the time, but you have to get out and get some fresh air every once in a while. Walking the dogs is a nice thing for our family to do together on Christmas Day, assuming it’s not raining!

  1. Hi! I’m Morgan Hazelwood, an actively querying fantasy writer, with 1 ready to submit and 3 more rough drafts.

    One think I like to do in winter is: curl up with a good book! Oh, wait, winter specific? Ummm, with hot cider?

    Recently, I’d blogged about cutting myself a break and pacing myself. Well, it turns out I’m really BAD at taking my own advice… Here’s the blog post where I confess what I ACTUALLY did…

    • Hi Morgan! Nice to have you here with us.
      Reading a book is great all year round, but I find it much cozier in the winter… blanket, fireplace, coffee or something… oh, I can’t wait, lol.
      I’m looking forward to reading your post!

  2. Hi! I’m Bookworm from my blog, FantasyWordCraft. I’m not sure it’s a favorite activity, but I tend to do a lot more winter cleaning than spring cleaning! Less competition. So maybe that means I’ll actually get rid of the moving boxes in the closet this year!
    Here’s a link to a recent blog post: (I’ve been kinda caught up in the NaNo and Christmas is coming frenzy – I’m part of a choir, and yes, we started practicing Christmas music in October!). Looking forward to meeting some new friends!

    • Hey Bookworm! I absolutely love cleaning and honestly, I think I do it more in the winter as well. You’re stuck inside for the most part anyway, so why not declutter? Plus, you get so much gifts from the holidays you have to figure out where to put them, lol.
      Looking forward to checking out your post!

      • Yay! Someone who understands. It drives my sister nuts! (Like right now, I’m sitting in my room staring at two massive piles of clothes – like I would feel so much more orderly if they were just tucked away!!).

        • Yes! I’m super organized and can be such a neat freak. My sister hates cleaning with me because I just boss her around, lol.

  3. Hello. I am D. Avery, from ShiftnShake where I air my flash fiction and poetry and promote my books.
    Winter is one of the best seasons, definitely in the top four. I love to get out on skis or snowshoes to enjoy the snowfall. Though my blog has been mostly flash fiction responses I am leaving a link to a poem, a haibun, about walking.

    • Hey D. Avery, nice to meet you. 🙂 I love the winter as well though I had the cold. Because of that I think it’s one of my least favorite seasons, lol. But I do love having the ability to cozy up inside all day when its snowing.
      Thanks for leaving your link.

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