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As writers, we all have that special spot we write in. Of course, we write in many different spots but there’s always that one got- spot for writing. Here’s my writing space.

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My Desk

Cliche spot, yes? I know. But I get the majority of my writing done in my office sitting at my desk. I just got a new laptop and a new desk chair so things are more comfortable and easier to work with.

My desk is small but a good size for me. It fits my laptop, my iPad standing on the left, and other things on the right. Other things meaning my blog planner, my portfolio, notebooks, things like that.

I have two shelves beside my desk in the wall and that holds more notebooks and binders as well as a turntable for my pens, pencils, highlighters, bookmarks, scissors, and more. I’ve got everything I need right where I need it. And I don’t have to get up to get anything.

There’s a small shelf at the top where I have some nick-knacks and a shelf at the bottom of the desk where I put my drinks and snacks. Like I said, I don’t have to get up to get anything. Everything I need it close by and it’s great.

Other Spots

My office is also a “game room” for Kris and I. Sometimes I sit on the couch with the TV on. I’ll usually put on a movie, YouTube, or Twitch for background noise. I love sitting on the couch because I can lean back, put my feet up, and cuddle with the dog and/or cat at the same time.

Outside of the house, I go to Barnes & Noble. Kris and I try to go every week. We sit at the cafe with either our laptops or our notebooks and get a couple hours of writing in. Though, some days are better than others. Sometimes we’re super focused and other times we get distracted and chit-chat the whole thing. Which isn’t a bad thing, though.

Overall, there’s a ton of places I can write now. Since I have a new laptop, I’m able to move it and bring it different places. The screen is secure and the battery lasts just about all day without being plugged in, so it’s great. The possibilities are now endless.

Where do you typically write? Do you have a special spot or do you jump around places? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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27 thoughts on “My Writing Space

  1. I tend to write where I can, often this is at the dining room table which is really uncomfortable. That’s why I often write at my work desk.

  2. I usually am imbedded in my couch in the family lounge. The tv is on for the background noise and I write on my iPhone and when done, do the editing on my laptop. 😊

    • We’re now officially snowbirds. In PA I sit at my husband’s cildhood wooden desk. When we were dating, he officially ‘gave’ the desk (and chair) to me because he was going to get rid of it. It was picked up by my Dad in his Mercury Stationwagon. Six years later we got married and the desk became ours, although my hubby uses most of the drawers for his own purposes.

      In FL we made the 3rd bedroom an office, that we share. A few years ago he had the opportunity to work from home (in either state) so we wanted to set up a working area for him. We looked for desks, not finding any that he liked. Then, we were perusing the do-it-yourself aisle (assembly required) at Walmart. I saw white folding tables 2 ft x 4 ft and told my husband that in a pinch, until we could find the perfect desk, it would do. Five years later…we have two of those folding tables, and office chairs. Makes cleaning VERY easy, and makes the area spacious-looking.

      As for my writing paraphanalia…I have one gigantic traveling-style notebook and I keep any current novel info (characters, plot info, etc) on index cards in a file box, which is VERY convenient.

      • That’s not a bad idea! Desks, while we all need them for some reason or another, take up a lot of space. So having the folding tables sounds great. You can pick them up and move them where ever too, I bet. There’s no need to have a big, fancy desk… though I would love an L-shaped one or a raising desk some day, lol.

    • Wow, good for you for writing on your iPhone. I think the small keyboard would drive me nuts, lol. I’ll write notes to myself on there, but that’s about it. 🙂

  3. I tend to write at my desk and in coffee shops, but I also occasionally get a couple of hundred words done on the sofa! However, I live with my friends and spend much of the time in the living room chatting, so it doesn’t always work…

    • That’s fair. My desk is the most organized (and it’s where my laptop charger is) so I feel like I write there more often. Plus, for a while I couldn’t move my laptop or even unplug it so I was kind of stuck at my desk anyway, lol.

  4. I write where I can! I also use Google docs so sometimes I sit at my desk (with its lovely view of the river) and other times I’m curled up in bed with my laptop or wedges into the corner of my sofa in my living room.

  5. I do most of my writing at my desk too, and also have things set up so I don’t have to get up to get anything I’ll need while writing. Although, I will sometimes write short pieces on my phone wherever I happen to be. Before I killed my laptop (by forgetting where I put it, and stepping on it one too many times) I’d also go write on the sofa. I haven’t written at a cafe since getting to the point where I no longer have the sight to use a pen and paper, though there are times I’ve thought I might if I still had a laptop.

    • That’s great. I’m not sure I could ever use my phone to write, but I have used my iPad. Writing on the sofa is definitely the most comfortable to me.

  6. I love writing on my desk, I bought a new office chair during summer and that helps. My desk is large and can easily fit two laptops and a desktop. But I also love writing on the sofa, my laptop perched on my thighs. Nice post!😀

    • Getting a new desk chair is a good feeling, lol. But yeah, I’m on the couch right now with my feet propped up and my laptop warming my lap at the moment, lol.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

  7. When I want to get a good chunk done, I like sitting at a table, but if I’m just musing in my journal then I can write just about anywhere. I don’t have a desk in my room and my family’s living room is quite noisy so I’m beginning to consider the Starbucks a few blocks from my house now that I’m done with school and have more free time to write.

    • That’s a good idea. A table is definitely useful as is a change of environment. I write at my bookstore once a week. It helps, even just to get out of the house.

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