Short Story Sunday 238: Yearn

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Patty opened the front door to her house but didn’t enter. She gazed around the living room. It didn’t seem lively as it usually was. Normally when she came home, he was there to greet her. The house always smelled nice because he had started dinner for her. The living room would have been tidied up, the laundry folded, their bed made. It was weird to come home from work and not have any of that.

Not that she took it for granted, no. She was just used to that living style and she appreciated all the effort he put in. He put in the effort because he loved her and knew how hard she worked. Patty knew how hard he worked too. She had even told him a couple times to just come home from work, sit down, put his feet up, and relax. But he wouldn’t have any of it. He always continued working when he got home. It was a surprise each time, even though she sort of expected it at this point.

Patty entered the house closing the door behind her. There was no sense in remaining in the doorway. The house wasn’t going to clean itself now. Dinner wasn’t going to cook itself. The laundry wasn’t going to fold itself and head back into the closet.

She hung up her coat on the rack beside the front door and sauntered over to the couch. She sat down looking all around. There was a different atmosphere in the house. It was quiet. Eerie, even. Nothing was wrong, things were just different. It wasn’t anything Patty was used to.

She had never noticed it before, but the house was usually bustling with life. Fresh, delicious smells would make its rounds around the house. Soft, romantic music would be playing from the living room. Patty could watch him work in the kitchen from the living room. She didn’t think he knew, but there were so many times she had come home from work and just watched him in admiration.

How did she get so lucky?

How did things change so fast?

She supposed she couldn’t complain. It was a good life while it lasted. It was still a good life. She just needed to get used to the changes.

Patty missed him though. It was the first day without him there and she already didn’t know what to do with herself. She would get used to this, right?

Sure, the place was quiet. The place seemed darker than it usually was. But she could make this work.

Patty got up from the count and walked over to the radio on the shelf in the back. When she clicked it on, it was on the channel he always had it on. Their wedding song was currently playing. Her eyes got a little teary but she smiled.

Was this a sign?

Patty twirled and pretended he was there dancing with her. She suddenly felt a lot better. She could do these things on her own. Maybe she could even do it for him. Not today, but she could have the house smelling nice for him. She could have the laundry done for him. She could blast their wedding song that maybe he’d hear it where ever he was.

She turned on the lights in the living room and looked at the clock. It was still pretty early, but she thought she might go to bed. The first night was going to be difficult, but she felt confident now. It was only going to be hard if she made it hard.

When their wedding song ended, Patty turned off the radio. She gathered her work things and brought them upstairs to her bedroom. She may have to sleep with all the lights on tonight, but she would get used to it. The bed was going to feel cold and empty, but she would get used to it.

After all, he was only on a work trip for four days.

Words: 668

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