My Writing Schedule For November

In October, I had created a new schedule for myself. I created a calendar-like template on Word and color-coded it for everything I need to do – writing, blogging, filming, reading, etc. Some days it worked, others it didn’t. October was pretty busy and plans change some days, but that’s okay. It worked enough and I decided to do the same for November, especially with it being NaNo. Because of NaNo, I tweaked my writing schedule a bit. So, here’s my writing schedule for November.

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I know people tell you to write every day. When you work on multiple projects like I do, writing every day is a good idea so you can give everything a fair amount of time. I try to take a day off though. Sundays are usually those days. I have church in the morning and then Kris and I spend the afternoon blogging (and I work on Sunday school stuff as well).

Since it’s NaNo though, I made time to get a little writing time in during Sundays. I blocked off two hours in the afternoon from noon to two to get some writing done. If I’m focused enough, I can bang out 2,000 words in an hour. So two hours is plenty for me to write my minimum of 2k-plus.

Monday – Friday

I’m an early bird and I do my best work in the morning. My brain is the most awake at that time and it’s quiet as everyone is either still sleeping or getting themselves ready for work. It’s just me, my coffee, and my words.

So, during the week, I blocked off two hours every morning from six to eight. I’ll admit, some mornings I tend to sleep in more than planned. Even if I only have seven to eight to write, I still hit my word count, so it works.


This is the easiest day to get some writing done. Sometimes I have family events on Saturday, but most of the time Kris and I head to Barnes & Noble in the mornings. We get a coffee and write. Or sometimes we blog, but mostly we write.

The bookstore opens at nine, so I scheduled myself to write from nine to noon, which is three hours. Most of the time, there’s no distractions, so it works. Now I have a new laptop too so I can take it with me instead of having to write on my iPad.

15 Hours A Week

15 hours a week is spent on my writing. This includes editing and the like. If I get in the mood and find extra time, I definitely write more. I like blocking off certain times to write because I’m slowly training my brain to write each day at specific times. It’s working so far, anyway.

Do you have a writing schedule? For NaNo or all the time? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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11 thoughts on “My Writing Schedule For November

    • If you have to rush to do it, then it’s probably best not to do it at all. So, I agree, that’s the way I see it. 🙂

  1. I feel like I need an actual writing schedule – normally, I just write once I’ve done all of the outstanding uni work on my to-do list, but I generally fit in at least 1 hr a day. I was going to try and do a schedule… but it turns out that I’m pretty terrible at it :/ How long did it take for you to get yours sorted?

    • I’m still getting it sorted… it’s actually one of the downsides of working from home, lol. Sometimes things come up and I can’t get my writing in during that time or even at all. It can be frustrating. It’s a work in progress though. I’m trying something new every month, depending on what the month may bring.

    • Having a schedule definitely helps, but it’s not easy to get into one. I’m struggling with this one even though it’s working better than most things I’ve tried.

  2. I’m terrible at keeping a schedule period, as much as I’d like to be that organized. Being a teacher, my schedule gets moved around at the drop of a hat and so many factors can leave me sick and groggy with my illnesses by the end of the day. So, this NaNo, I’m making sure I write a little every day and focusing more on getting into flow rather than constraining myself to a set block of time.

    • You have to do whatever works for you. As long as you’re getting done what you need to/want to and giving yourself enough time for breaks and relaxation, then you’re good. 🙂

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