Short Story Sunday 236: Fish

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Louis pressed his face against the glass with a wide grin on his face. His eyes shifted all around trying to find everything that was inside.

“Honey, don’t do that. You’re going to scare the fish.” His mother said.

Louis took a step back from the tank and tried to look from a different angle. His father had just set up a 50-gallon fish tank in the living room. There were a lot of colorful fish, too many for Louis to count. It was a birthday present to him and his parents had told him they could go out and pick out a couple more fish. They had just wanted to fill it up a little to surprise him.

He was always fascinated with fish, a goldfish being his first pet. He kept getting one goldfish after another as they kept dying on him. As he got older, he bought himself a small tank and a betta fish to keep up in his bedroom. That fish was still alive and doing well but he had always wanted to have a large tank. He didn’t think he was going to be able to get one until he moved out of the house. Yet, here he was, on his 18th birthday and his parents had gotten him a huge fish tank for his birthday. This wasn’t a typical gift an 18-year-old would get, but it made Louis happy and he was appreciative of his parents for getting it for him.

He had gone away the weekend before on a trip with a couple of his friends and when he came home, the fish tank was sitting nice and pretty against the wall in the living room.

“Now, you’re lucky your father and I were able to figure out how to set this thing up.” His mother explained. “You’re going to have to clean it and take care of the fish.”

Louis scoffed. “Ma, you don’t have to talk to me as though this is my first pet and I’m five. I got this, don’t worry.”

His mother smirked. “I know, but I just have to say it.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I’m mom.”

He sighed. He wasn’t going to win so he just gave her a hug instead.

Words: 375

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