Needing A Break

Monday has come again. This past weekend went by pretty fast. Last Thursday I had made a to-do list for myself for the weekend. I got a decent amount of it done but certainly not all of it.

This was not the blog post I had planned to write for today. I simple had no motivation to write the one I had originally decided to write about. I’ve been in a slump with a lot of things recently.

I’ve been busy – on and off the Internet.

Last night I was overwhelmed by all the work I needed to do. One of the tasks was writing today’s blog post because I somehow have gotten behind with them. Instead of writing the post I logged off the computer and took a bath for an hour.

It was refreshing. (Despite Chip coming in and out of the bathroom looking for attention. She’s not a fan of baths so I also think she was concerned that I was willingly sitting in the tub.)

I wrote in my journal for the hour I was soaking and it was nice. It was quiet – aside from Chip’s low-toned barks here and there.

This isn’t the typical blog post I normally write. Every once in a while I’ll talk about general life and my well-being. I don’t know why I don’t do it more. I don’t even know if you guys like these kinds of blog posts.

Honestly, I’m partially writing this because I don’t like to skip a day of blogging. I like to keep in touch with you guys no matter the content of the post. I love what I do, but I especially love getting to know all of you guys. I’m pleased you guys care about what I have to say each day.

I’m not going to take a break from blogging or anything like that. I think I just needed a post that didn’t require as much work and thought as the rest.

Baths and journaling always seem to help. And if there’s anything I’ve learned tonight, it’s that I need to get a doggy-door for my bathroom.

What do you do to unwind for a bit? Do you ever get in blogging slumps like this? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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12 thoughts on “Needing A Break

  1. I can relate! I didn’t get everything done this weekend that I planned to either, but I still allowed myself a little “down time” to recharge, and simply moved some of those to-do items to later. Some days you just have to give yourself a break. A nice long bath sounds like just the ticket. And what a funny idea, a doggy door for the bathroom — my cat would love that!

    • Yes, downtime is definitely needed now and again. A doggy door would be awesome but at the same time all privacy would be gone, lol.

  2. This was a good blog! It’s nice when you share this kind of personal stuff. And yes, when all else fails, take a nice hot bath. My to do lists have caught up with me–a book signing last Saturday and a book talk on Sunday. a writer’s guild meeting today, another book talk on Friday morning–so how to do all the other necessary things on the list? The writing suffers and I have a November deadline. So this weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, I’ll be at a Holiday Inn Express-concentrating on catching the writing up to where it needs to be. (Also the Holiday Inn has a nice free breakfast and a big long bathtub!)

    • Wow, you really are busy! That’s great though. It’s awesome you can get a weekend getaway to yourself to get some writing done. That’s definitely something I’d love to do sometime.

  3. I feel ya! One thing I’ve learned in my young blogging career is that burn out is real! You can always just kick back relax and play some video games! 🎮😁😉

  4. I’m in a perpetual blogging slump. 😁

    These are actually the kind of posts I prefer. No one else would write a post too much like another person’s personal post. There are a lot of instructional posts and how to posts dealing with writing and marketing, etc., out there that contain pretty much the same information. I’ve read enough of them over the past eight years or so that, I’m sorry to say, I rarely read them anymore.

    • That make sense. Honestly, I notice that too even when writing. It’s almost like I’m starting to run out of ideas. I have new ideas to start in 2019 though so I’m hoping that will be an improvement. 🙂
      I’m glad you like reading the personal posts as well!

  5. Sorry you’re feeling overwhelmed, but hope the bath and writing this post helped. For the record, I actually enjoy reading posts like this. Not so much the feeling overwhelmed part of it, but the posting about your general life. I’ve actually learned, by asking my own blog followers, and then testing it out, that these kinds of posts are pretty popular. Apparently people like hearing about what other people do all day. Even if something like trying to get peace from the dog while having a bath is the most exciting thing that happened to you.

    By the way, having a bath is a favourite way of mine to relax too. Although, I also have dog issues. In my case though, I have the opposite attitude from our dog. Lilie wants to be in the bath with me. I’ve also had her throw me a toy while I’m trying to have a bath, thinking I’ll play fetch, since I’m obviously not doing anything. *sigh*

    • Thanks. I’ve always said I’d do more personal posts and then I don’t. This is something I plan on changing for the future.

      Lol, that’s too funny. I know some people have brought their dogs in the tub with them… or the dogs jumped in and they let them stay there. Not sure how I’d feel about that.

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