Short Story Sunday 235: People

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“Thank you,” Monica said taking her hot coffee from the barista. She dropped a couple coins into the tip jar and made her way over to the back table of the coffee shop. Jenna was already sitting at the table sipping on her frappuccino.

Monica sat down on the same side of the table as her friend and cradled her cup in both hands while having it sit on the table. It was too hot to drink at the moment but it felt good to hold.

Jenna, on the other hand, had already drunk half of hers. Her cup was on the table and her head was bowed for her mouth to meet the straw, not the other way around.

“How’s your drink?” Monica asked. She noticed half of it was already gone and Jenna had only gotten it minutes before Monica got her own.

Jenna lifted her mouth off the straw, “Yum,” she said quickly before wrapping her lips around the straw once more.

“Don’t drink it too fast.” Monica warned. She brought her coffee up to her lips and tipped it over to let a drop spill onto her upper lip. Yep, still too hot. She put it back down.

Jenna sat up chuckling. “That’s what you get for getting something hot.”

“It’s 20-degrees out.” Monica commented.

Jenna shrugged and took another sip of her drink before sitting back. She folded her arms across her chest, her gaze scanning the coffee shop. “Who do you think we’re going to find today?”

“I don’t know,” Monica replied leaning back in her seat. She folded one arm and held onto her coffee in the other. “We are here on a different day than normal so we’re not going to see our usuals.”

Jenna nodded. “I wonder if some of them come on multiple days though.”

Monica shrugged a little in agreement. Yeah, that could be. No one was limited to come into a coffee shop just one day a week.

Monica and Jenna were good friends and tried to meet for coffee once or twice a week. It was often hard to get together otherwise due to their busy work schedules. They had tried a few different coffee shops and this one happened to have the best made coffee as well as the friendliest staff.

Plus, some of the customers were weird.

It turned from Jenna and Monica meeting for coffee and catching up with one another to them drinking coffee together and people watching. That was why they always sat at the table in the back with two of the chairs pressed up against the wall. They sat beside each other too so they could both survey the area and not be awkward when one had to turn around a lot to look at certain people.

Jenna chuckled. “You know, all these people are different from when we’re usually here on Saturday mornings, but they’re all the same.”

Monica gazed around the room finally being able to take a sip of her coffee, even if it was just a small one. “What do you mean?” she asked after swallowing. She licked her lips. This coffee was so much better than the pot she made at home.

Jenna pointed to a few people with a nod of her head trying not to be so suspicious. She lowered her voice as she explained.

“There’s the writer right there,” she murmured pointing to a man sitting at a table near the front next to the window. He had his laptop and a document open. He typed very fast with no notes.

“Not to be confused with the student, of course.” Jenna pointed to a young woman sitting on one of the couches by the fireplace. She too had a laptop but she had note cards, a notebook, and a study textbook open on the coffee table in front of her.

Monica nodded in agreement. “Ah, I see what you mean. And look,” she pointed to a woman sitting two tables in front of them, “she’s waiting for a date.” The woman checked her phone and then looked out the window cupping her coffee in her hands. “Though I don’t think it’s a blind date. She’s either checking the time on her phone or looking for a text. Plus, with the way she’s looking out the window she may know what the person looks like and wants to flag them down.”

“Good observation.” Jenna pointed to across the room. “There’s the blind date over there.” A young man sat back in his chair looking nervous. He kept fidgeting and had a rose on the edge of his desk. “A rose,” Jenna shook her head in disgust. “Can you be anymore cliché?”

Monica laughed. “Look, there’s a man who’s just killing time before an appointment or something.” She pointed to a man sitting on one of the comfy chairs reading a book.

“And there’s a man who just wanted to get away and relax.” Jenna added pointing to an older man almost beside the reading man. He was on the couch, his head thrown back in a deep sleep.

Monica and Jenna giggled together. They both took a few sips of their drinks and watched in silence as people waited in line, ordered their drinks, waited for their orders to be done, and then were on their merry way. There were a few people who were happy with what they got, some people complained their drink was made wrong and demanded a new one, and there were others who didn’t look satisfied but they were too nice to say anything and went on their way anyway.

“I guess this just goes to show that no matter what day of the week you come,” Monica began, “a coffee shop attracts the same kind of people.”

Words: 970

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