A BIG Announcement!

Guys, I have some big news! This is something I’ve been planning for months and have done a great job keeping my mouth shut about it. The secret has been hard, but I think it’s finally time to announce it.

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I’m self-publishing a book.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve struggled with balancing writing life and real life, teetered back and forth between getting self-published and traditionally published, I’ve spent a great deal of time querying to agents and publishers, and have submitted to many contests and magazines.

I’m only published in the way of this blog, guest posts, and a few gaming websites I contribute to. I’ve never had someone – a “professional” – tell me they think my writing is worthy enough to be published and sit upon bookshelves in stores and libraries.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I have plenty of approval. I have you guys. You guys have been reading and commenting on my blog for over six years now. There are nearly 5,500 of you following and plenty of people signed up for my newsletter. I thought, if you guys enjoy my blog so much, why wouldn’t you enjoy something self-published from me?

So, I present…

Sunday Morning, a collection of flash fiction.

I’m still going to have my mystery novel come to light sometime soon, but in the meantime, I’ve been working on Sunday Morning.

I’ve been writing a short story/flash fiction piece once a week on this blog since… 2014 or 2015. I now have well over 200 stories. With some encouragement from a few people, one of them being Annette Rochelle Aben when I was on her podcast, The Magic Happens, back in 2016.

Honestly, this is something that’s always been in the back of my mind. However, so many people say, “If it’s online, no one will want to publish it.”

Well, I’ve decided to go through every single one of my Short Story Sundays and rewrite them all. I took the first 52 stories I ever wrote for this blog and posted on here (trust me, they’re not pretty) and I’ve been editing, rewriting, revising, rewriting again, and editing some more. Honestly, some of them weren’t bad, but the majority of the stories are vastly different from when I first published them on here. If I do say so myself, I’d like to think my writing has improved a lot and I’m pretty impressed with myself.

Sunday Morning will be the first of many flash fiction collections from me. I plan on rewriting, expanding, and improving upon all the flash fiction I’ve ever posted on here. By the time I get to the stories I’ve posted in 2018, I’ll have improved even more.

Now onto the really good stuff…

Unless you just skim my posts, I’m sure you all know I have a Patreon. My Patreon is there to allow me to continue writing for a living. This is so I can keep creating full time for a career (whether it’s creative writing, YouTube, or more… trust me, I have many plans). While my Patreon will help me pay my bills so I can create for a living, the money will first and foremost go back into my creations – blog maintenance, an editor or book cover artist, equipment for YouTube, and so on.

I’ve already met a couple of goals with the help of a few patrons. They have no idea how grateful I am to have them with me on this journey.

Needless to say, when I said I kept Sunday Morning a secret, I kind of lied. My patrons knew about it and they have known about it for quite a while now.

To thank my patrons for being part of this journey with me and encouraging me along the way, I wanted Sunday Morning to be super special for them.

With that said, if you sign up to be a $1 patron, you’ll get…

1. Your name on a special Patron acknowledge page in the book.
2. A special edition Patron-only book cover. Meaning the books I send to Patrons will have a slightly different book cover than those who are not Patrons.
3. You will get a free print or ebook copy of the book! You can choose which format you prefer.
4. A bookmark. I plan on creating a bookmark to go along with the book for the print copies. I’ll probably also create a digital bookmark that you can print out if you choose the ebook format.

And those are just the perks you get for Sunday Morning if you become a patron! There are so many other rewards on my Patreon such as an exclusive patron short story written by me that will get sent to your inbox monthly, ARC team recruitment, a monthly Q&A with me, and so much more!

The best reward of all is that you get to join an exclusive community with me and my other patrons. You’ll get the inside scoop on my writing journey, creative writing process, and overall chit-chat and get to know one another. You guys are the reason I’m able to keep writing. You guys have been the ones to encourage me along the way so many years. Patreon is a way for me to give back to you guys with these rewards and have a deeper relationship with you all.

This is a limited time offer!

I’m going to need a chance to gather my bearings so I’m only offering this special reward until December 16, 2018! That means if you become a $1 Patron between now and December 9, 2018, you’ll get the $1-tier rewards on my Patreon along with the reward for Sunday Morning just listed above.

Why December 16? Because of the release date. My patrons already know when that is, but I’m holding off in announcing that part for now. One announcement at a time.

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Guys, I’m so excited! (And totally nervous!)

I truly can’t wait to share this journey and this book with you all. I hope you like it and I hope you’ll join me on this amazing adventure! (That I’m, admittedly, trying to figure out as I go along.)

Of course, there is obviously no obligation to sign up for my Patreon. You can pay as much or as little as you want, though please don’t if you can’t afford it. You can also cancel at anytime, no fees and no commitments.

Though it would mean a lot to me if you checked out my Patreon page to see what it’s all about. If you think you already know that you want to join me on this journey, you can immediately sign up to be a patron right now.

Thank you all, so much! I hope this news made you as excited as I am. I can’t wait to share this with you along with the inside scoop with my patrons. Also, thank you to everyone who is already a patron. You guys mean the world to me and I 110% mean that from the bottom of my heart!

What do you think of the news? Are you excited? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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