September 2018 [Wrap Up]

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I did well with reading this month. I’m back to posting one review a week on Saturdays. You can check out my Reading List to see what I’ve read and reviewed this month and previous months. There’s also my Goodreads. I was behind in updating it for a while (meaning, the whole summer) but I finally caught up with it. So it should be up to date… unless I forgot a book or two.


Still going fairly strong with this. I’ve been working on a few projects… plus marketing and publishing plans for them. So that’s a thing. More will be on that in just two days!


The blogging has been strong this past month. My stats have steadily grown over the past few months and I’ve finally settled on a social media schedule for my blogging and writing. So, I’m excited to officially start that in October! My blog posts for October are just about done as well.


September was super busy, but it was a great month. I got a lot done and a lot of thinking done as well. Which is sometimes not great, but it worked well for this month!

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How did September treat you? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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7 thoughts on “September 2018 [Wrap Up]

  1. I’m glad you had such a great and productive month.

    My September was mostly good. There were a few things that happened to stop me saying it was a fantastic month, like gas men calling at 9:30pm to turn our gas supply off because there’s a gas leak elsewhere in the building, and then forgetting to come back and turn it on afterwards. But mainly it was pretty good, especially compared to how August was.

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