Musical Mondays: I’ll Be There For You By Yungtown (Feat. PeanutButterGamer)

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Usually when I post Musical Mondays it’s an inspirational song to showcase being you, going for your dreams, and to just keep moving forward. Keep working, you’ll get there soon enough.

This song is inspirational to me in a different way. It’s called “I’ll Be There For You” by Yungtown, featuring PeanutButterGamer. Both of them are YouTubers I watch and listen to quite often – okay, more like all the time. Both of them are gamers and Yungtown is a singer/rapper. They came together to create this song and music video.

The video is from the video game Animal Crossing. They used the music from the game to aid along the tune of their song, which worked out nicely. It’s calming and soothing.

The song itself, however, is about friendship, long distance, anxiety, and loneliness.

This song resonates with me so well – in fact, I even cried when I first heard the song when they released it.

I only have a handful of really good friends in real life. Which, in my opinion, is enough. I don’t need a large group. However, I do have a ton of friends through the internet from social media and this blog. My anxiety gets to me quite often, especially when it comes to relationships. I also work from home so it’s hard to relate to some of my older friends and, in the end, you lose touch with one another.

So, this is a reminder to you guys – and to myself – that you’re not alone and I’m always here for you. Keep your friends close.

What did you think of the song? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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