Grave Errors (Witch City Mystery 5) By Carol J. Perry [Book Review]

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I received a free paperback copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Whose funeral will be next?

For residents of Salem, Massachusetts, the day after Halloween brings empty candy wrappers, sagging pumpkins, and a community-wide identity crisis. That is, until Lee Barrett s TV production class suggests extending the spooky season with the traditional Mexican celebration Dia de Los Muertos. But when the students discover not all of Salem s dead are resting in peace, the post-October blues don t seem so bad after all . . .

As if a series of haunting graveyard visits isn t disturbing enough, Lee and her policeman boyfriend connect the crime to an unsolved missing person case. Driven by a series of chilling psychic visions, Lee calls on her cleverest allies including her shrewd cat, O Ryan to go underground and dig up the evidence needed to put a lid on a cold case forever . . . before the latest headstone in town has her name on it!

My Review:

Book Cover |

I’m a fan of the cover. It really conveys what happens in the book and showcases some important points of the plot.

First Thoughts |

I’ve spent the summer reading through this series and happily picked up this next book right away.

Plot |

This plot is certainly unique from the stories in the rest of the series. It’s a paranormal story so having a plot based on Day of the Dead and a cemetery is great. I loved every minute of it. While this kind of setting is a bit cliche, it certainly found a way to twist the cliche upside down.

Characters |

I feel like I’ve talked about the characters so much lately since I’m reading and reviewing these books pretty much all at once. So, it’s no surprise that I enjoy the main characters still. It was great to get back to seeing Lee’s students again. They’re a great cast and Dorothy was a great addition.

Writing Style |

This book is easy to read. You think you know the answer but things end up getting turned upside down. Still, it’s easy to follow along with. This is the type of mystery that intrigues you from the very beginning and you don’t want to put the book down until it’s over… yet, you want to savor it. The dialogue and description go hand in hand and is very well done.

Overall |

As always, this was another great mystery from Carol Perry. I’m eager to read on with the series.

Grave Errors (Witch City Mystery 5) by Carol J. Perry gets…
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Favorite Quote:

“The empty candy wrappers have been swept from the streets, the carved pumpkins have gone soft, their jagged-toothed sagging crookedly.” -Carol J. Perry, Grave Errors

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6 thoughts on “Grave Errors (Witch City Mystery 5) By Carol J. Perry [Book Review]

  1. Thank you Rachel! You chose a perfect day to review this book. I’m attending Bouchercon this weekend,( the Mystery Writers of America conference), and this afternoon I’ll be signing this very book at the Kensington publisher’s area! Tomorrow I’m on a panel talking about paranormal cozies and I’ll be with Clea Simon, Leigh Perry and Allison Brook. Lots of famous writers here and I’m trying to not act like a fan girl! Rode down the elevator yesterday with Sara Paretsky! OMG!

    • Wow, that’s awesome! That would be an amazing event to attend someday. Good luck and I hope you have a great time!

    • I wouldn’t say you have to read them in order, no. There are recurring characters but there’s enough background info that you need from one to the next. So you should be good. Though it’s a great series, I’d recommend reading it from the beginning just to get the full effect. 🙂

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