WIP Wednesday [August 2018]

Don’t even ask me how we’ve made it to the middle of August already because I’m kind of in disbelief of it myself. Though I know I shouldn’t be surprised because literally all of 2018 has zipped by. But anyway, here’s my August WIP Wednesday.

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First, I’ll say that August got off to an interesting start. For about the first week I was barely home due to family and friend gatherings. So, I got zero writing done that first week, plus a few extra days. I’m trying to change that and get a schedule in order.

George Florence & The Perfect Alibi

I’ve officially started rewrites for this final draft! Well, technically it’s not the “final” draft because it’ll need another round of edits or two when it’s done, but this is my final draft to write. The story will be finished after this, I promise. (At least, I hope I promise.)


This is my next Wattpad project. I haven’t exactly pin-pointed the genre just yet. I had an idea for what it was going to be but it might change. I’ll mention some more information on this one soon enough, but writing the first draft has begun. I’m hoping to get it up on Wattpad sometime in October.

Patreon Project

This one is going well. I’ll be revealing this to the public soon (Maybe September). This project is being funded by my patrons on Patreon which is why only they know about it right now. They’ll be getting some special goodies along with it as well. So, if this interests you, feel free to check out my Patreon.

What projects are you currently working on? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday [August 2018]

    • Thanks!

      Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that. 🙁 I don’t know how much you want to say through public comments, but I hope everything will work out for you as soon as possible.

      • It’s all on my blog anyhow, so.. *shrugs*

        Short version: after having trouble with my periods from day one, and having things get gradually worse, they’ve finally agreed to give me a hysterectomy to make it all go away (I’ve been begging them to for about six years now; that’s the surgery I told you I’m waiting for). In the meantime, they’re trying to stop the bleeding with some hormone blocker shots, but they aren’t working properly. All the bleeding makes me dangerously anemic, even while eating an iron rich diet, and on 400mg of iron supplements a day. I’ve had to have several blood transfusions – some in the past, some this year – and the only reason I’m not currently in hospital having another is that the doctor I saw on Wednesday is an idiot.

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