August 2018 Goals

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It’s still the summer, so I’m still planning on reading and reviewing two books a week. They’ll continue to be posted on Tuesdays and Saturdays and you can check out my Goodreads or Reading List on this blog to check out what I’m reading.


July was kind of a crazy month and I hope August calms down a bit. I’m confident I can get a good chunk of writing done. When I work on multiple writing projects at once I try to be at different stages with them – outlining, writing, editing, whatever. After working on them for a few months, they’ve somehow come together in the same stage. So I’ll be writing, writing, writing.

George Florence & The Perfect Alibi – Yes, there’s another rewrite coming. I swear this is the last one. It has to be. I’ve changed things so many times. For the better, of course, but I think I’m exhausting the book. This will be it. One more rewrite, editing, then off into the world.

Silhouettes – This is my next Wattpad project. I’m aiming to have it release in October. I outlined bits and pieces of it last month and now I’m going to begin the first draft. I’ll reveal more about what this is as I go along with it.

Patreon Project – I’m working on another project that only my patrons know about right now. I’ll be releasing more information about this soon to the public, but my patrons – who are helping me fund the project – will receive some special offers/goodies as a thank you. So, if you enjoy my work and would like to know what this is all about, feel free to check out my Patreon. Helping me out takes as little as $1 a month and it’s greatly appreciated.


This month, for the blog, is going to be all revamping. I have a lot of maintenance stuff to do and I want to get back in the swing of things with my email list. Plus there are a lot more things I need to do and get done. So this should be fun.

What are your plans for the month? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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17 thoughts on “August 2018 Goals

  1. Great goals… Good luck with them!

    In August, I’ve got a new book release, as well as some audio books becoming available. Beyond that, I’m hoping to make more progress on my adventure story, continue trying to catch up with my reading goal for the year (hopefully reading the final book I need for my A-Z challenge while I’m at it) and pack some boxes (if the weather co-operates this time).

    • Sounds like you’ll have a full month. Good luck with all that. 🙂
      Also, I emailed you back. Not sure if you got it. No rush, but just making sure.

    • I think this will be the third? The first one was when I changed the POV. I originally had it first person George but when I officially wrote the first draft I had it third person George. Then I rewrote it to third person Lilah because she just wanted the spotlight more. Then I had to rewrite it after a few edits because I changed the murder. Now I just changed the murder again (it makes so much more sense now!) so a third rewrite… here we go, lol.

  2. Rachel, you are one of the most goal-oriented blogger I know. I am going to get my book site up and running this month and keep plugging away at my historical (hysterical?) novel!

  3. It’s always fun to catch up with you! I am in a waiting period, waiting for the new semester to start on Aug. 29th and waiting to get some results from tests to see if I’m healthy enough to take on some projects between now and the Holidays. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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