Victor (The Eden East 2) By Sacha Black

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When Eden East kills someone, she expects them to stay dead. It’s only polite, after all.

Exhausted from battle and finally bound to her soulmate, all Eden wants to do is attend university and spend time with Trey. When her demon-ex, Victor, suddenly returns from the afterlife, Eden’s convinced he’s out for revenge. The last thing she expects is for him to ask for help, especially when he’s being controlled by evil forces.

But when an enchanted lock and key go missing, she’s no longer sure who she can trust. If Eden can’t find them in time, not only will her life, and her heart, be torn apart, the very world she lives in could be destroyed – forever.

My Review:

Book Cover |

This cover is gorgeous. I love how it stayed similar to the first book. The colors are pretty and subtle and the wolf is a nice touch to go along with the story.

First Thoughts |

I read the first book in the series and enjoyed it so I was more than happy to read and help promote the second book.

Plot |

Eden is finally ready to settle down and move on with her life now that everything seems normal again. She and Trey, her soulmate, are finally bound, though not without “couple” problems here and there. Eden is still jealous of Eve, who Trey was bound to first, and Eden keeps having nightmares that may or may not be predicting the future.

A lot happened in this book. The plot began in the early chapters and it was page-turning the whole time. Everything was so fast tense with a mixture of emotions. It even ended on a tense moment which was very well done.

Characters |

Most of the characters are the same from the first book and they were all great to revisit. Eden and Trey are happy together though they have their own couple problems they’re trying to get past as well as Eden having her own problems.

I enjoyed the dynamic between all the characters, even when Victor came back and was communicating with Eden. Victor is a terrible person, but I still kind of like him. I’ve always enjoyed his personality despite how mean he is.

Then there’s Trey. If Eden didn’t have him, I’d call dibs.

Writing Style |

This is a fast-paced story with a lot of ups and downs. I read the book in two days not wanting to put it down. When one problem was solved, something else was happening.

There’s a good mix of dialogue and description, everyone and everything easy to picture. There were plenty of romantic scenes which, I’ll admit, weren’t my favorite, because I don’t care too much for lovey-dovey scenes. There was a lot of action and mystery throughout though. It was well written.

Overall |

This book certainly didn’t disappoint. I think it lived up to the hype from the first book. If you’re into fantasy and exploring a world not our own, give Victor a try.

Victor (The Eden East 2) by Sacha Black gets…
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Favorite Quote:

“I guess when you finally get the thing you’ve wanted for so long, you realize how fragile happiness can be.” –Sacha black, Victor



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