A Reading Routine

People always say if you want to write, you should read and read a lot. If you love exercising your imagination and want to be transported to different worlds, read a book.

If you’re like more writers and bookworms, you’d rather read all day instead of socializing or going to work. So, how do you fit in a time for your love of reading each and every day?

There are a few routines I’ve tried out for myself. They’ve worked for a little while and then something would change in real life. Or maybe I’d hit a reading slump. Or maybe I would just find a random point in the day where I had a moment to read and took the opportunity messing up my “schedule.”

It’s certainly easy to sit down and read all day long and yet it’s sometimes difficult to find the time.

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In The Morning

I’m an early bird. For some reason, my brain is more awake and in tune to get work done in the morning over any other time of day. Because of that I don’t typically read in the morning. I usually blog or write. However, once in a while, I’ll wake up and decide to sit and read with a cup of coffee. This is usually on Saturday or Sunday.

When I’m on vacation, I read in the morning. Like I said, I’m an early bird and that includes weekends and vacations. Everyone else sleeps in though so I usually have the mornings to myself on vacation. There’s nothing better than sitting in the porch by the lake and reading a book with coffee in the peace and quiet.

Before Bed

If you’re not one to get up early or are able to have peace in the morning, then before bed it most likely the time for you. If you’re naturally a night owl, reading a few chapters before bed would be ideal. I’ve personally tried reading before bed and it made me sleepy so I never got too far.

Of course, there have been times where I’ve stayed up too late in order to finish a book. In that case, if you read before bed, you may become a night owl because you read before bed.

Set A Time Frame Or Page Goal

One way I try to get myself reading each day is setting a certain time frame or a page goal. I’ll aim to read for an hour or to read anywhere between 50-100 pages in a day. Depending on the book, I can sometimes reach both goals at once. Sometimes I can read 50 pages in an hour and if I feel like continuing, I can.

Anytime Is A Good Time

I mean, reading in the morning or at night or for a certain amount of time or pages is great and all, but honestly? If you carry a book with you and find any down time in your day, you should be able to read.

You can read during your lunch break at work or while you sit on the train. Books are easily transportable, especially if you have an eReader.

How do you get yourself into a reading routine? Do you try to read every day? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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19 thoughts on “A Reading Routine

  1. Reblogged this on DSM Publications and commented:
    Rachel Poli echoes a theme of one of my recent posts about the need for writers to read. She shares some of her tips for fitting writing into your daily routine from this post on her blog.

  2. It’s hard to find time when you are writing and blogging as well. If I’m eating by myself I always read and if I go out and forget a paperback to read on the bus or in a cafe I’m in a panic!

  3. When I was little, my Mother used to read to us before bed. When I started doing most of my reading myself, I continued the habit. I now sleep better if I read for a while first. Sometimes it will be for just a few minutes, other times a few hours, but I always read at least a small amount before I settle to sleep, regardless of when my sleep time happens (I don’t manage very well with sticking to routines, so “bed time” varies for me).

    Before sleep isn’t the only time I read, but it’s the only one I can say has any pattern to it, since the other times depend on what else is going on, whether it’s convenient for me to read or would be better for me to keep my attention on what’s going on around me properly, and whether I want to use the free moments to write instead.

    • That’s nice. My sisters and I used to read before bed too, though I got out of the habit. I’ll read before bed sometimes though. It’s a nice, peaceful time to do so.

  4. I’ve been reading in my lunch break most days. I also have started putting my phone away before bed and reading a book until I fall asleep. It doesn’t seem like much, but I get quite a bit of reading done this way.

    • A little goes a long way though. I tried to read on my lunch break when I still had a day job but other people were always there and they’d always try talking to me. So it never worked out, lol.

  5. It’s hard for me to find time to read anything. I know it’s the best way to become a better writer, but I can’t seem to get into a workable groove. My schedule is all over the place. But I think either reading in the morning or evening might work. Most likely, it will be in the evening because that’s when most of the family is asleep and it’s hard for me to get to sleep right away.

    • Reading sometimes takes the backburner for me as well. Though while craft books help as does reading novels and such, I feel like reading isn’t always the best way to help you become a better writer. As long as you’re writing. 🙂

  6. Hmmm. More often than not I think I am an “Anytime Is A Good Time” reader but really it depends on the day or what’s happening in my life.

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