June 2018 Goals

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5 Saturdays in June mean I’m planning on reading and writing 5 book reviews this month. I’m also hoping to get ahead in my read this month as well and go a bit into July’s reading list. To keep up with what I’m currently reading, you can check out my GoodReads and Reading List.


I’ll be playing catch up in June. I didn’t get as much writing as I planned to last month. So, my goals for this month will be pretty much the same as May’s.

1. Write Brave – This is my next story for Wattpad. I was supposed to write the first draft in May and edit it this month, but I never got around to it. So I’ll be writing the first draft this month. Hopefully it’ll still be out by the end of July, but I don’t want to rush it.

2. Rewrite George Florence & The Perfect Alibi – I was supposed to edit the next draft this month, but I didn’t finish rewriting the current draft last month. So, I’ll be working on that again.

If you read my Writing Update from a few days ago, you’ll know I’m putting Perplexed on the back burner for right now. It’s not coming along as I would like and I might do something different with it. So, I’ll work on it as inspiration strikes, but I’m not going to make it a priority for right now.

Instead, I’ll be working on a secret project that I’ll reveal to my Patrons on Patreon tomorrow.


My blog posts for the month of June are pretty much all set. I’ll be finishing up this month, getting a slight head start on July, as well as doing some blog maintenance. I have many old posts I want to update, I have to reorganize my categories and such… there’s a lot to do.

What are your plans for June? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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24 thoughts on “June 2018 Goals

  1. Those are great goals. Good luck with them.

    What my June will involve depends a lot on when I get this next appointment through, how it goes, and how my health is in the meantime. I have several things I’d like to get done, and hope to do some of them at least, but having to “Tick the boxes and jump through the hoops,” as one doctor put it, means I’m currently at the mercy of doctors and health issues.

  2. Good luck with your goals. I’m headed to Italy for two weeks in June. While I may not be blogging or writing much, I’ll be researching locations for upcoming book and story ideas.

  3. Lotta goals, but you are an over- achiever! Five reviews in a month is a lot. I did four in one month and had to take several weeks to recover!

  4. In June I plan to rest, have six month check-ins with all my doctors (not expecting any surprises), and not think about or plan for the fall semester at the university until July. Your plans sound wonderful! Be sure to let us know when your book comes out.

    • That sounds like a great idea! I hope you get plenty of rest and relaxation. 🙂
      And thank you, I definitely will.

  5. love this!i wrote the same blogpost on my blog,and I loved your take on it.also stumbled upon your newsletter and I’m obviously subscribing to it haha<3I would love a blogpost on how to create a newsletter,it would be really helpful.no pressure!either way,keep blogging<3

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