12 Ways To Kill Off Your Fictional Characters [Mystery Month]

I never thought I’d write a post like this, but… Here we are.

12 ways to kill off your fictional characters | Mystery | Creative Writing | RachelPoli.com

There are so many ways for people to die. There are four main categories that I personally put them into.

  • Murder
  • Suicide
  • Accidental
  • Natural

I’m only going to list 12 ways you can kill off your fictional characters, but there are many variations of these 12 ways. Not to mention there’s a lot more than these 12 ways.

(I’ll be honest, I was aiming for a longer list, but some of the research I did for this made my stomach turn, so use your imagination, people.)

1. Gun

This is probably the most common, but also the loudest. You can shoot to wound or shoot to kill. It all depends on where your character aims (or how well they aim). This can be used in murders, suicide, or even accidental.

2. Knife

Similar to a gun, you can stab to wound or stab to kill. It’s not exactly as loud as a gunshot, but it’s pretty messy. This would work well for murder, maybe suicide and accidental too.

3. Poison

Silent but deadly – for the most part. Poison can be administered in a number of ways. It can be ingested or administered with a needle and more. Poisons can come from just about anything too – drugs, household items and smells, plants and food… it’s kind of crazy, actually. Depending on the poison too, it might have an immediate effect or the victim might get sick first. Sometimes it could take days, weeks, or months for it to kill too.

4. Overdose

This can go along with poison, but drugs are a problem and can be used in a suicide or it came be an accidental overdose.

5. Hanging

Murder, suicide, execution. I guess it could be accidental too depending on the situation… I mean, it happened in Disney’s Tarzan.

6. Suffocation

I don’t think I need to explain suffocating someone. I don’t know if this has ever been used in suicides, but murders definitely and accidental as well.

7. Drowning

I think this is more accidental than anything else, but it could be used for murder.

8. Starvation

This would take a while if you were trying to kill someone by cutting off their food, but I’m sure it’s doable.

9. Hit and Run or car crash

Usually, this is an accident, but it’s often used as a murder method in movies. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it used as a suicide method on the news in real life. This could be one of the easier ways to cover up a murder too.

10. Natural Disasters

Floods, fire, and the like are known for taking many lives. All of it is the work of mother nature, but fire, for example, can be used as a murder method. It’s called arson.

11. Illness

Sometimes our bodies turn against us or aren’t strong enough to fight off an illness and in turn, it kills us.

12. Old Age

It’s the circle of life.

This was the most uncomfortable post I’ve ever written. It’s also the most morbid. But there you go. 12 ways to kill your darlings.

Do you have a go-to way to kill your fictional characters? Let me know in the comments below and if you’ve enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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29 thoughts on “12 Ways To Kill Off Your Fictional Characters [Mystery Month]

  1. As I write fantasy, my characters that don’t die in droves in spectacular battles tend to be attacked by monsters or various types of nasty magic. Glarespells are my favourite to date.

  2. and when they knock on the door: oh , just writing my Book not offing a soul, no not a one lol 🙂 this is interesting, I can barely remember the Names i make up, and now there are all these other things, hmmm fun !

  3. I am writing a murder mystery series and have so far used knives, drowning, stangulation, poisoning, Guillotin, blunt objects and I need some for chapter 4 which is when a character who is very quiet and is really into books is murdered. Any ideas?

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