Short Story Sunday 208: Kickstart

Short Story: "Kickstart" | Flash Fiction | Creative Writing |

            Becky stared at her computer screen in anticipation. She had logged onto a brand new online computer game and was waiting for her friend to finish making his account and log on.

She had heard of this game through the grapevine known as the Internet. She read articles and updates on the project’s progress and release date. She thought that it was such a great idea that she even donated to the kick starter to get the game up and running with hopes that it would take off and be a big hit. Good indie games were hard to come by.

After another moment or two of waiting, a notification popped up on Becky’s computer screen. She leaned forward in her chair to read what it said. Howard321 wanted to be friends with her. She snorted a laugh. Howard was never able to come up with a good username for himself.

She accepted the friend request and, since he was online, a chat messaging system popped up on the right side of the screen. Becky said hello to him and Howard responded immediately. He was enthusiastic to get started on the game and so was Becky.

They each had to make a character first.

Becky went into the character creation mode, the chat remaining on the right hand side of the screen. She was pleased that she was still able to talk to Howard through the whole gaming process instead of just certain points in the game.

She had decided to make her character a knight. She felt as though there could never be enough female knights around. Howard, on the other hand, decided to make himself a red mage. He absolutely loved fire and couldn’t wait to see what kind of magical spells a red mage would be able to have in this brand new game.

It took them a little over an hour, but both Becky and Howard had finally perfected their own characters as best as they could. They figured that it was about time they start playing the actual game.

When Becky hit the “play” button, her knight spawned in the middle of a small village in plain clothes, the clothes that she had picked out for her to wear. Becky had said that her character wanted to aspire to be a knight, but she had to work her way up to that rank. Becky would have to help the other villagers, go on small journeys here and there, and complete side quests in order for the king to recognize her.

It was the same for Howard, except his character was going to have to work on different things in order to become a mage, let alone a red mage.

Still, they were able to travel together as they worked on different things. In the end, when they both reached their ranks and worked for the king in the castle, they would be able to form a team and go on adventures together. That would be where the real fun begins.

Becky and Howard wandered around the village and explored some of the outside world together. Their characters died a lot, but in real life they had a lot of laughs and had fun with the game. They couldn’t wait to go on real adventures once they were appointed to knight and red mage.

Before Becky knew it, her mother was calling her down for dinner. She didn’t want to stop playing, but dinner meant that she and Howard had been playing the game for about seven hours.

And she still had homework to do.

Words: 599

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