Who’s Ready For Camp NaNoWriMo?

Guys. Camp NaNoWriMo begins in 4 days. Didn’t we just go through this in November? How long ago was November, anyway? Didn’t we just celebrate the New Year? How is it already April? I don’t understand.

Who's Ready For Camp NaNoWriMo? | Camp NaNo | Creative Writing | NaNoWriMo | RachelPoli.com

I’m excited about Camp though. I get a lot done during the months, but I’ve started so many projects that it’s usually editing or blogging. April, July, and November are the three months of the year that I get a good amount of actual writing done.

I’ve been looking forward to this since December though I’ll be honest I had completely forgotten about it until the beginning of March.

I was planning my April out and then realized it was Camp. I overbooked myself and then I realized I’m going on vacation smack in the middle of the month.

So. This should be interesting.

I have most of my stuff prepped. I have a little more planning I want to do. Not outlining, necessarily, but I want to plan out my days. Since I’m going on vacation I only have 19 days to write. My goal is bigger than 50,000 words too… I may have made a mistake, but I’m willing to take the challenge!

Plus, Camp begins on April 1, duh, but that’s also Easter Sunday. I celebrate Easter. I have church in the morning and then the family is coming to my house in the afternoon. My cousin’s birthday is on the sixth. It’s her sweet-16 and while we’re going to Disney I don’t know if we’ll be doing anything for her birthday.

She’s also getting confirmed on April 8. So that’s going to be another party. Then I’m going on vacation a couple days later. Then April is going to be practically over.

My word goal this year is 80,000 words. I’ll be working on multiple projects, there will be a post on that in a few days. It’s certainly going to be interesting.

I think I’m ready. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Are you ready?

Are you all set for Camp NaNo? What’s your goal and what will you be working on? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it around.

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20 thoughts on “Who’s Ready For Camp NaNoWriMo?

  1. I’m going to be writing the fantasy story I started while school was on. I had to put it on a break because of exams, but now that I’m free, I figured I’ll complete it. My goal is 50k words, and I’m hoping I will be able to complete it!

  2. I’m moving in April. And I do a photo book for my niece and her family every other year. I think that photo book, and maybe finishing the line edits on part 2 of my ongoing MS is all I’m gonna be able to manage next month.

  3. Wow, 80,000 words is an ambitious goal! But you’re writing full time, right? That at least puts it into the range of the possible. Still, whew! I’m doing Camp again this year but with a different kind of goal. Instead of writing or revising, my Camp goal is to submit 25,000 words’ worth of short stories for publication. I’ll still have to do a lot of revising for most of them, but those words only count if the story goes OUT THE DOOR. My hope is that this will help me break the cycle of endless revision and really focus in on what I can send out, and where to send them. Good luck with all that writing you have planned!

    • Yes and I’m not really starting anything “new” so it should be manageable. I just forgot I was going on vacation, lol.
      That’s a great goal! I’ve never thought of doing that. It really should help zero-in on what’s “done” and such. Good luck!

  4. For some reason I have a harder time writing in the camps than November. This time my word count goal is 60K BUT… I’ve already started writing. I’m being a total cheater this camp, because I need to finish the book I’m working on. My total word count goal for the novel is 60K, so I’m going to add the 20K+ I already have written right away, and hope I can get 40K-ish for the month.

    Good luck on your goal!

    • I usually find April easiest for me because nothing happens in April… except vacation this year, but we’ll see.
      I don’t blame you for cheating! You can’t put off what can be done today for tomorrow. 😉 Good luck!

    • Oh, definitely! We’re going to Disney and I haven’t been there with my parents since I was 3 and I haven’t been with my cousins at all, so it’ll be fun. 🙂

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