Short Story Sunday 205: Inside

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            Gwen pulled into her driveway slowly. She hit the brakes and when the car came to a complete stop at the top of the way, she put it in its park position. She shut off the engine and held tightly onto the keys while staring out the windshield.

She had just driven home from work in a torrential rain storm and the rain was really beating down hard on the car.

Gwen watched as the water slammed against her windows, streams flowing down. It didn’t even look like rain. There were no drops, it looked as though someone had taken a bucket of water and was continuously dumping it on her car.

When she had left for work that morning, the weather said it was going to be hot and sunny all day long. And it was, right up until she got into her car to drive home. She didn’t understand why the rain couldn’t hold off until she made it inside her house, but the dark clouds had rolled in about an hour before. Gwen didn’t think anything of it at that point.

She had worn her shorts and a tank top to work that day. She didn’t bother to bring her raincoat or even a sweatshirt. It was 90-something-degrees outside, after all. She didn’t even have an umbrella in her car.

“You should always have certain supplies in your car like an umbrella, a towel, a blanket or sweatshirt.” Her mother had explained to her once she got her first car.

Of course Gwen never listened to her about that. It wasn’t that she didn’t agree with her mother, it was just that she had always forgotten to put those things in her car. By the time she thought about it, she’d already be in her car ready to go someplace. She wasn’t going to get out of the car and throw in a sweatshirt or umbrella on a nice sunny day just because her mother had told her to.

Listening to the rain pound against her car now, Gwen was beginning to regret it.

There was so much rain that it was hard for Gwen to see through the windows. However, she was on the right side of her driveway, closest to the front door of her house. All she had to do was put everything—her keys, her phone, and her wallet—inside her pocketbook, sling that over her shoulder, and make a break for it. The front door was just a couple feet away; she couldn’t possibly get that wet, could she?

Gwen packed up all her things and put her purse over her shoulder. She put a hand on the handle to get herself out of her car, but hesitated. She looked behind her and realized that if she went out the passenger way, she wouldn’t have to go around the back end of her car. She’d make it into her house in less time.

Sure, she was still probably going to get soaked, but it would still take her less time to get into the house.

Gwen grunted as she shimmed her legs a little over, her bare thighs sticking to the leather seats. Despite the rain, the car was growing hot and muggy inside. She pushed her seat all the way back to give her legs some stretching room.

She lifted her right leg over the cup holders in between the driver’s and passengar’s seat. She lifted her butt to allow her right leg to glue itself down on the ground in front of the passenger seat. Then, using both her hands, she pushed herself up and tried to maneuver herself over to the next seat. Once she was sitting, she lifted her left leg and pulled that over to the passenger side as well.

Gwen grunted and groaned as she sat in the seat for a moment. She let out an annoyed sigh wishing that she had stuck to the workout video she bought a while ago. She had tried it once and then never went back to it. Clearly she wasn’t as in shape as she thought. She wasn’t even all that flexible which was a bit surprising to herself as well.

The rain still beat down hard against the windows. She watched the water fall down the car wondering when this was going to stop. Usually when the rain came down like this, it didn’t last too long. Yet, it had been almost a half hour.

Gwen drew in a deep breath ready to make a break for it. It was only water; it wasn’t like she was going to melt if she got a little wet. Still, she didn’t want the water to seep through her bag and get her phone and other belongings all wet.

Well, whatever. She couldn’t sit in the car forever. Now was the time to run because the rain could have lasted a lot longer than she wanted it to.

Holding her breath, Gwen opened the door. She hopped out, slammed the door shut, and ran towards the front door of her house. She skipped a few steps as she made her way up the porch. She opened the storm door, only to realized that the front door was locked.

“Crap!” she growled. She fished for her keys in her purse. It seemed like forever, but she found them and managed to open the door.

She jumped through the threshold, slamming the storm door shut, shielding her from the rain. Gwen breathed heavily watching it all come down. She then looked down at herself and noticed she was standing in a puddle. She was absolutely soaked to the bone.

It looked like she was going to have to take another shower.

She then heard a chuckle and when she turned around, Gwen’s mother was sitting on the couch knitting something.

“Didn’t I tell you to keep an umbrella in your car?”

Gwen didn’t know what else to say but roll her eyes. She took off her shoes, tried to shake some water off her socks, and then made her way up the stairs. “I’m getting in the shower…” she muttered, but all she heard was her mother chuckle once more in response.

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  1. We were out walking the dog after weeks of hot muggy weather when a storm broke. We relished in getting soaked to the skin, singing n dancing in the rain. All was not so good when we got home to find the drive under six inches of water. Luckily our door threshold was eight.

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