Rot 5: Gum But Not Forgotten By Aidan J. Reid [Book Review]

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Ray’s in a spot of bother.

The faun prophecy marked him as ‘the chosen one’.

Though they damn well didn’t make it easy.

Cast adrift in the human world. Watching his hopes fade with a dying faun.

The hopes of the Kingdom rest on his shoulders.

My Review:

Book Cover |

Like the previous stories before it, this cover has a lot to say about the contents of this installment and it’s simple, so it works.

First Thoughts |

I’ve read the first four short stories of this series and I’m not going to stop now. It’s a good series though, so I wouldn’t stop anyway.

Plot |

Ray is cast out of the human world and back into his own. He’s still trying to find his wife, Lena, though he’s caught by the other fairies. Ray has a big mouth and gets himself into more trouble than he should, though he doesn’t resist too much.

I’ll admit, while I still enjoyed this part, I think this was my least favorite installment. Throughout the majority of this one we follow Ray as a prisoner and while his witty thoughts were entertaining, not much happened. That is, up until the very end where the story left off at probably the best cliff hanger I’ve seen in a while.


Writing Style |

This was a quick read, I feel like it was quicker than the other parts. Ray has not lost his sense of humor despite the pickle he’s found himself in so the story moved along quite nicely and added a lighter tone to something so dire. This picked up where the last part left off and left me with a great cliff hanger that I’m eager to read the next part. The author does a great job of staying consistent throughout the whole series.

Overall |

This part wasn’t my favorite, but it was still enjoyable and easy to read through. I’m looking forward to part six, the final story in the series.

Rot 5: Gum But Not Forgotten by Aidan J. Reid gets…
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Favorite Quote:

“Way to go lady. If he wasn’t dead before, he sure is now.” – Aidan J. Reid, Rot 5: Gum But Not Forgotten

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