Why Guest Posting Is Important For You And Your Readers [Blogging]

Guest posting is a fun way to promote your own blog as well as reach out to other bloggers, potential readers, and get to know other bloggers and friends. It’s the easiest way to make connections and to show off some cool writing, whether it’s yours or someone else.

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Why You Should Guest Post On Other Blogs

If you want to gain more of an audience or just share more of your writing around, search for blogs that write in your niche and check out their guidelines. You may have a piece that might fit well with their blog or you might have to try to write something that caters to their blog’s wants and needs.

Guest posting will allow more exposure for your writing and your blog. A new audience my find their way to your blog and you’ll have other people liking and promoting your work. You have something to share that no one else can, so you might as well spread it around.

If you guest post on someone else’s blog, be sure to follow their blog and read some of their posts first. Get familiar with their work and the writers who run it. Share their posts and help them out in return for them allowing you some posting space.

Why You Should Allow Guest Posts On Your Blog

You should allow guests on your blog for the same reason you should guest on other blogs. You’re paying it forward by allowing some people to have the spotlight for a bit. You’re helping to promote them and, in return, they’re helping promote you as well. Readers from their blog are going to come over to your blog to check out what their favorite writer wrote.

Also, remember I said you have something to share that no one else can? That goes for everyone. Allowing new voices on your blog will give your audience a bit of variety and allow them to learn new things through your blog and get to know others as well.

Do you typically guest post on other blogs? Do you allow guest posters on your blog? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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31 thoughts on “Why Guest Posting Is Important For You And Your Readers [Blogging]

  1. I have neither guest posted on someone else’s blog nor hosted another blogger on mine. I’ve not guest posted because no one has asked me to and I’ve never asked another blogger to guest post on mine because doing so just never occurred to me.

    • You don’t have to be asked though. If you follow someone’s blog long enough and build a relationship with that person, you can always reach out to them. Also, some blogs have a guests page so even if you don’t know them you can always just pitch to them. If you want though, there’s never any pressure. 🙂

    • I can understand what you mean when you said no one has asked. It’s not always easy to reach out to someone and say “hey can I guest post on your blog?” I think it helps to see if the blogs have a Guest posting section. I started out asking people, as a way of supporting the community and overcoming my crippling anxiety. That then opened up opportunities from other bloggers who asked me to guest post. 😀

    • You can make connects and build relationships with your readers and other bloggers. Once you get to know them well enough you can reach out to them and ask for them to be a guest or for you to be a guest (or both.) Also, a lot of people have guest pages on their blogs so you can read through that and reach out to them. I promote my guest post page so a lot of people actually come to me about it.

  2. Great post Rachel. I love guest blogging, I started it to support other writers and give them exposure. Was great because I met so many awesome people

  3. I think guest posting is great for many of the reasons you mentioned, but you also need to do your homework. I organized a guest post exchange for a client. I wrote the piece for the other blog and sent it to them. When they sent me their post, it was honestly unacceptable. The main question wasn’t answered, the references were irrelevant to the subject matter, and the writing wasn’t up to our standards. And I did my research before! Checked several of their blog posts, inspected their website and read customer reviews on other sites. I was a victim of bad timing, as the person who first contacted us left the company half-way through the process.

    Ultimately, I took their several hundred word post and pulled out a quote. I researched and wrote the article myself, as per usual. Hard lesson, but I am glad to entertain the option again if it comes up.

    Thanks for sharing Rachel

    • Yes, I totally agree! Sorry you had to go through that, but like you said, lesson learned. I’ve had some people offer guest posts for my blog and it’s clear they just saw I offered guest spots and reached out to me right away. I’ve also had people reach out and then I never heard from them again.

  4. I have done both and received the benefit from each. I need to set up an open invitation on my site. I love the idea and it works.

  5. I just recently had a fellow blogger reach out to me to use one of my posts as a guest post on her blog. I was pleasantly surprised since my blog is fairly new. I thought it was very kind of her, and I greatly appreciate the exposure.

    • That is nice since there are a lot of people out there who want two-way traffic. They want your readers to come to them and vice versa and if you don’t have a lot of readers then they won’t accept you. Though I think that’s crap. I’m glad you got the opportunity!

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