8 Types Of Blog Posts That Get Attention [Blogging]

What’s typically the first thing people see when you upload a new blog post? The title.

People will see the title, read it, and either skim right over it or they’ll say to themselves, “Hm, this sounds interesting.” They click on it and they’re on your blog.

Keeping them on your blog is a different story, but if you have something worthy to say you should have a decent title that captures the attention of potential readers.

8 Types of Blog Posts That Get A Lot of Attention | Blogging | How To Blog | RachelPoli.com

Types of Blog Posts

How To

Guides are one of the most popular types of blog posts. What do most people tend to look up on the internet? How to do something. Look up the specific keywords in whatever you’re writing about and roll with it. “How To Write A Blog Post,” for example.


Tell a personal story of something that your readers will be interested  in and something that will help them or educate them. For example, talk about the mistakes you’ve made during your years of blogging and how you fixed them. If you have an active following, people will want to know something personal about you, but they’re also learning from you as well. This is also great for behind the scenes stuff and explaining the process to how you did something. In a way, this can go along with the How To above. “How I Started My Blog.”

Dos and Don’ts

The biggest reason people go on the internet (other than to watch cat videos) is to learn something. Using the right keywords, people will able to find your blog post about things you should put on your resume and things you should not put on your resume. People will want to read, “The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Query Letter.”


Compare and contrast is something else people love. If they’re looking for a specific product or they’re deciding between two products that ultimately do the same thing, your post might convince them to take one over the other. For example, “Hootsuite Vs. Buffer.” I personally used Hootsuite for a while, saw other people saying great things about Buffer, and made the switch. I will never go back. Maybe that will actually become a blog post someday.

How To Write Blog Post Titles That Will Get Clicked | Blogging | How To Blog | RachelPoli.com

Tips and Tricks

Similar to the “How To” you can always title a blog post, “5 Ways To Keep Your Car Clean.” I’m literally pulling random titles out of my mind… Don’t ask me where they’re coming from. But again, people love good posts that gives them advice on how to do something.


Who doesn’t love a good list? Let’s be real here. One piece of advice that everyone gets about blogging is to keep your paragraphs small. Why? People skim. They don’t want to read chunky blocks of text. Lists are a great type of blog post that gets good attention because people can just scroll down the list, getting the information they need without reading too much, and they can bookmark it for future reference.


This one can be similar to the “Story” blog post. Talk about lessons you’ve learned through trying something new. For example, if you’ve been blogging for a few years, what have you learned along the way? What are some things you wish you knew before you started blogging?


This can go one of two ways. You can talk about your favorite tools to use for blogging or for keeping your closet organized. The other way, however, is something more personal. A lot of people like to get to know their favorite bloggers and creators more so making a list of your favorite things for anything is a fun way to do that.

What are some of your favorite blog posts to read or to write? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to chat! If you enjoyed this post, please share it around!

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48 thoughts on “8 Types Of Blog Posts That Get Attention [Blogging]

  1. I love reading blog posts on stories and lessons written with a personal and reflective tone. Title is what makes readers captivated and the story is what keeps them attentive.

    • Yes, definitely. Other than an image, it’s pretty much the first thing people see of your blog post. You have to be creative with it though and throw a little personality in there. 😉

        • You have to play around with it. Some will work better than others, but you can probably have a good balance of different types of titles. If you like the funny puns, they could definitely work for you.

  2. In other words, click-bait – am I right 😉
    I recently posted “5 tips for a patreon launch” but only because I’ve been through it & I can authentically give people this information. I wouldn’t specialise in click-bait, though. People are too smart for that & there’s nothing better than being authentic & creating connection that way. I’d rather have followers who care than lots of one-click traffic.

    Caith Esra 🙂

    • Oh, definitely. I try to be a little more creative with my blog titles, but there are sometimes that these kinds of titles just seem to “fit” with what I’m talking about.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

  3. I like reading all different types of blogs. As far as what I like to write when blogging, I like writing personal entries and stories. One reason I started blogging was to share my work with others; sort of like building a portfolio. The other is I wanted to share what I learned about the writing process, though I’m not one to offer tips. I’m not very good with lists, though I have written a few. I want to share some of my favorite stuff. I think that will be cool; have more people learn about me and what I like.

    • And that’s what it’s all about. People have different things to offer and share and we all have varied writing styles. 5 people could write the same post and the same reader could get something new and different out of each one.

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