March 2018 Goals

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I plan on reading 4-5 books this month. I have a couple of authors’ requests to catch up on and I also have a couple of books I read back in December that I haven’t reviewed yet. So here’s to a catch-up month!


  • Edit George Florence
  • Edit Take Over
  • Write Perplexed

I’m planning on just plugging along with all of these projects. Take Over will have priority over the others since I’m planning on publishing it on Wattpad in April.


I’ve got March planned out, I just need to finish writing all the posts. Then I want to get a good chunk of posts written for April because of Camp NaNo… Camp NaNo is in a month, guys… I don’t really know how that happened…

I also want to start planning May while I’m at it. For reasons.

What are your goals for March? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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15 thoughts on “March 2018 Goals

  1. My goals for March. I’m going to start streaming live via Twitch. I got two dates planned with some great games I plan to stream. I also plan on trying out a new feature with my blog. Hopefully I get a good reaction with it. Other than that continue to produce great content for all my subscribers and supporters.

  2. Great goals… Good luck with them!

    My new pet themed poetry collection is due for official release on March 7th, so I’ll be dealing with announcing the eBook being available while organizing the paperback. I’ve got two books with their audio versions heading to retail, so I’ll be dealing with announcements for those some time this month too, as well as continuing work on production of the rest of my backlist. Then there’s the usual stuff like reading, writing, spending time with furkids and hubby, etc.

Let me know your thoughts!

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