Another New Writing Schedule

I think the hardest part of writing for me is finding a schedule and sticking to it. And the thing is, it’s not me who has a hard time sticking to the routine, it’s other life things that get in the way.

Now that I’m home during the day while everyone else is at work, this would normally mean I have the entire morning and afternoon to myself to get my writing and blogging done.

Instead, it means, “Rachel’s home, so if something needs to be done, she can do it.” This varies from babysitting to driving my cousins to and from school, running random errands, etc.

I don’t mind any of this, of course. I’m able to do it so I won’t complain (even though it still sounds like I’m complaining). Still, I feel like I don’t get as much stuff done during the day than I normally would… or that I thought I would.

I actually have more stuff to do during the week now that doesn’t involve writing or blogging. So, I’ve decided to come up with a brand new schedule for myself. This is going to only be for the month of February and I’ll modify it if needed when March comes along.

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  • Blog, Double Jump – Write posts, create graphics, set up Buffer, etc.
  • Church, Sunday school lesson plans


  • Admin – Answer emails, read and comment on other blogs
  • Write – A minimum of two hours. Ideally, it’ll be longer, but if I can fit two hours in I’ll be happy.


  • Admin
  • Write


  • Admin
  • Write


  • Admin
  • Write
  • Etsy – I was hoping to have a good amount of products done to open the shop in January, but it stuff happened. So I’d like to spend a couple hours on it every Thursday.
  • Freelance – Like Etsy, this is a work in progress. I’m currently trying to set up my own freelance services. I’m planning on having that good to go by the end of the month so there will be more on that later.


  • Admin
  • Write
  • Clean – Because the house needs attention, too…


  • Blog, Rachel Poli – Write posts, create graphics, set up Buffer, plan and write newsletters, etc. I’ve gotten behind, so for this month, I’m going to try to get two weeks done at a time so I can get a good head start for March and upcoming months.
  • Barnes & Noble – Go to the bookstore every morning and either write/edit or work on the blog.

There’s a lot more to it. I have a calendar set up with everything on it but didn’t include it all here. You guys don’t need to know every detail of my life.

Long story short, I’ll be writing Monday through Friday as well as answering emails and such for the blogs. Weekends will be reserved for blogging mostly. And then some. We’ll see how it goes!

What does your writing schedule look like? Do you have a tough time trying to keep up with it? Let me know in the comments below!

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37 thoughts on “Another New Writing Schedule

    • Thanks, I hope so. I thought balancing between my full-time job and writing and blogging was hard. But now that I’m home, there’s so much else going on, lol.

  1. Good luck with your new schedule.

    I’ve tried all sorts of different schedules, but they never work out for long. Part of it is due to my irregular sleeping pattern, and part is a similar issue to the one you have: people seem to think being home all day means being available to do things all day, and explaining that you need to get some work done achieves little to nothing, since most people don’t seem to see writing as work. People also seem to be more relaxed about keeping to timed appointments if they know you’re going to be home all day. It’s like they think you have nothing better to do than wait for them anyhow, so if they’re two hours later than they said they’d be, it’s no big deal (which wouldn’t be so bad if they told you they would be two hours late, because then you could write in those two hours, but since they didn’t tell you, you actually end up sitting there not wanting to get in to your writing project since you think they’ll be arriving any second, thus wasting a potential two hours of writing time).

    • Yes! It’s so hard! And I don’t mind, of course, but then another week goes by and I’m like, “Welp. I got little to nothing done this week…”
      And the two-thing is spot on. I had company over the other day and they told me they were on their way. So I knew they’d be there in a half hour. But due to traffic, it took them an hour. I just sat in my living room for, no joke, an hour, on my phone doing nothing. It was no one’s fault, but I don’t know why I didn’t decide to get something done in that time.

  2. Perhaps explain that just because you’re at home it doesn’t mean you’re lounging about doing nothing? Hope your schedule works out though and you get back into the swing of things.

    • Oh, they know that. They all understand. But I have a friend who went back to school and she has a toddler and my sister has a toddler. So when they have appointments and stuff, I’m usually the one with the best availability to watch the kids. My cousins are too young to drive and everyone else is at work, so I pick them up from school and drive them to any sports they may have after school.
      And I want to. I’m very much: work, work, work. It’s good for me to get out and they’re family, so of course, I’m going to help. It just amazes me how much time gets away. I need to work on a schedule that caters to both.

  3. That’s a really good idea. I’ve been thinking of creating my own timetable but I’ve never gotten around to it. I’ll give it a go and hopefully, it’ll help me be more focused. Great blog!

  4. Good luck sticking with your new schedule. I hear the same thing from a lot of other people who work at home. Because their schedule is so flexible, they end up helping everyone else — which of course is great, but also, of course, interrupts the “working” part of the “work at home” arrangement. I imagine it’s hard to find the right balance.

    • It’s definitely hard. I didn’t think it would be this hard, I never imagined being home most of the day would be difficult, lol. But we’ll see how it goes, it’s trial and error. I’m still getting stuff done even though it’s not as much or as fast as I expected.

  5. It is always good to have a writing schedule. I wish you the best. I’m still trying to create my own schedule; however, every time I try, I can’t seem to fit everything into one day. 2 hours of writing may be a good place to start. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Like you, I’m trying a Mon-Fri writing schedule. I think I’ll add writing on Sundays as well though because the Word Nerds (on YouTube) sometimes do write ins and I think that would be fun.

    • That sounds like a good idea. I’ll be trying to fit in some extra writing on Saturdays. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

  7. How’s it working out for you?
    I have fallen accidently into a few habits that seem to work and they have all been trial and lots of error.

    • It’s been working well so far. I sometimes get a little behind, but I’m able to stick with my deadlines and catch up again. I just hope it stays this way, lol.
      What’s your schedule like?

      • That’s fantastic. Mine is to write in the morning and as long as I get more than 100 words down I feel ok about it. I usually make it way past that point. Sometimes I will go to a cafe, something about them says to me “time to write.”

        • I know what you mean. My sister and I try to go at least once a week together to a cafe. We haven’t as much lately because other things in life have been coming up, but it’s fun and we go when we can.

  8. I had time and didn’t use it to write. I was a professional and let that distract me: But I could have made a few hours a day to write. I finally quit the profession, but writing – I needed a schedule. I went to a library to write – big room, lots of things and people to see, fill my imagination. I did that for a long time and now no longer need to. I write at home when whatever comes to me. The changes in me, my mind and activities and my imagination are vast. It is that area for writers to learn about and the time of writing can be shorter. There is a vast literature about people giving advice, how to write, how to write novels, how I write novels. I would begin with the most famous writers – old timers are very good.

    • Well said. It’s certainly something that kind of slips in and makes time for itself in your life. Some days are better than others, but you have to stick with it as best you can.

  9. Schedule is definitely the tough part. I have actually had to retrain myself over the last year to be able to write when the time presents itself. What seems to help with that is having given myself a goal of having my novel ready for publishing by July. Wish me luck!

    • I know what you mean. A schedule can work for a while, but then something else might happen and you have to play around with it for a bit.
      I’ve given myself deadlines as well hoping that will help, lol. Good luck! 🙂

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