January 2018 Wrap Up

January 2018 Wrap up | Creative Writing | Blogging | RachelPoli.com


According to Goodreads, I read four books this month. I actually read five, one book isn’t on Goodreads. I ended up reading more than I thought I would even though most of the books weren’t what I originally planned.


Writing was tricky this month. Every time I had a moment to get something done, something came up in real life that I had to deal with. I did get a few things done, I worked a little bit on each project. It just wasn’t as much as I hoped it would be.


I kept up pretty well with my January posts right up until the end when I got sick. Now I’m behind again so I’m hoping to catch up with February soon.


January was a whirlwind. It went by too fast and it’s kind of a blur to me. I feel like I wasn’t able to give my work as much attention as I usually do. I’m still playing around with a schedule for myself. When I get into a good groove something has to change, so we’ll see what happens.

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How did January treat you? Let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “January 2018 Wrap Up

  1. Things like how you got sick and it gave you problems with posts for the end of the month are why I usually schedule most of my posts in advance. Some of them I really can’t, but where possible I do, that way I’m covered if I’m out of action for a few days.

    January went by in a bit of a blur for me too, but I still managed to get most of what I planned achieved, so I’m calling it a good month. I had the same problem as you with writing: every time I sat down to write something happened to cut my writing session short. But that seems to happen most of the time these days, and I was able to get the “publisher tasks” I planned to work on dealt with, so I’m not as bothered as I have been about that in previous months, since I did well to fit in what I did, especially since I lost most of the first half of the month to being away, and then trying to catch up with eMails and blog post reading from being away. So, as I said, I’m calling it a good month.

    • I always schedule my posts in advance as well. Halfway through January, real-life things happened and I ended up getting behind. But oh well, it happens.

      Yeah, it seems like you had a good month. Even if you don’t get done what you originally plan, you’re still accomplishing something. 🙂

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