When You Can’t Write

I got sick at the beginning of this week. A lot of people around me – including my cat – have been sick. So I can’t exactly say this sickness came out of nowhere, but… it came out nowhere. I didn’t have a cough or any congestion. There was no fever or any flu-like symptoms. I had vertigo for 2-3 days.

This is something I’ve never had before so it kind of freaked me out. I felt fine other than the fact I had a hard time walking or looking down at the ground.

I’m writing this post on February 1 and will be scheduling it to publish on January 30, two days ago. Why? Because my stats are bothering me that I skipped two days of blogging.

When You Can't Write | RachelPoli.com

In a way, it was nice to sit on the couch for a few days and do nothing but watch TV and play on my 3DS. Still, I had gotten behind on my blogging. I was planning on catching up on Monday but of course Monday was the first day I got sick.

It was hard to even play my 3DS at times, but what else was I supposed to do? I couldn’t hand write because if I looked down at my notebook I got dizzy. I couldn’t get onto my laptop because that obviously wouldn’t help. So no writing, no blogging, no Photoshop.

I write and blog on a daily basis. It was weird for me to feel completely fine and not be able to stand up and do anything. So what can you do?

  • Play video games to a point
  • Watch TV
  • Read
  • Sleep

That’s about it.

There are plenty of days I have a hard time writing or I just don’t want to write at all. But when you can’t write? It’s the worst feeling.

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