6 Of My Favorite YouTube Channels For Writers

I watch a lot of YouTube. Maybe a little too much. I watch more YouTube than I watch TV.

Most of the channels I watch are video game related, but I do watch some writing related content here and there. Sometimes, watching YouTube videos are the best research and it’s the easiest to find.

1. The Creative Penn

This channel is run by best-selling author, Joanna Penn. She talks a lot about publishing, marketing, and writing in general. Other writers are on some of the videos talking about their own journeys. The Creative Penn is Joanna sharing her own journey and sharing what she’s learned. It’s a lot of great information.

2. Ellen Brock

Ellen Brock is a freelance editor and her channel is all about answering common writing questions. She talks about writing in general, editing, and has Q&As. Her videos are short and sweet and definitely worth taking a look at.

3. Chris Fox

Chris is a best-selling author and discusses mostly marketing and business of publishing. If you’re at that stage in your writing, he’s a good resource.

4. ShaelinWrites

Shaelin is a young author who discusses all things writing and editing as well as reading. She is also a good resource as she talks a lot about her own experiences and novels. Plus she does fun tags and such.

5. Jenna Moreci

Another author and her videos are mostly “how to” videos about writing advice for other writers. She’s definitely got a sense of humor so her videos are entertaining as they are informative.

6. Jorden Roper

Jorden is a successful freelance writer. Her videos are all about making it as a freelancer and a blogger. Whether you plan on writing novels are not, her tips are pretty useful, especially from a blogger’s standpoint.

Do you watch any of these channels? Are they channels you watch that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

25 thoughts on “6 Of My Favorite YouTube Channels For Writers

  1. Thanks for the suggestions — I already knew about Ellen Brock and Jenna Moreci but the others are new to me. Somehow I never got around to actually subscribing to their channels though (or to any other channels on Youtube). Maybe I will also end up spending “too much” time watching videos now, uh-oh. 🙂

  2. OMG I love Joanna Penn! Her videos and articles are just awesome. Nice list, some of these I’ve never heard of so will definitely check them out.

  3. I spend a lot of time on YouTube as well. I would say half of what I watch is writing-related. I love watching Jenna Moreci. She can be brutally honest, and yet, be totally hilarious. I also love watching videos from Vivien Reis, Kim Chance, and Kristen Martin. I haven’t watched videos from Chris Fox, even though I subscribed to his channel. I haven’t heard of Jorden Roper or Ellen Brock. I will have to check them out. I’ve seen videos from The Creative Penn and ShaelinWrites. Haven’t made the commitment to subscribe to the channels. Probably should. They are very informative.

    Thank you for the suggestions. I will definitely look into the ones I haven’t heard of before.

  4. Nice selection. I love Shaelin. Especially her explanations on prose. I think Brandon Sanderson’s series of creative writing lectures are invaluable as well and desert a shout out. He has topics and Q and As on everything from character to plotting to getting an agent to magic systems to… the list goes on.

  5. Thanks for the share Rachel. 🙂 I agree with you Youtube can be very addictive and sometimes I find it better than watching T.V.
    I love Shaelin’s videos. Joanna and Jenna are also good. I didn’t know about Ellen, Chris or Jorden. I shall check their videos. 🙂

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