Supernova [Movie Review]


Title: Supernova
Director: Ishan Modi
Starring: Topaz Winters
Writer: Topaz Winters
Release Date: March 2017 (Singapore)


“It is so easy to believe that I’m made entirely of empty space. Loneliness is familiar – it’s blue and flushed, like remembering. It’s a mother tongue. It comes so easily to me. I disappear into myself and I find solar systems, galaxies. I understand more than I ever could when I’m surrounded by others.”

A film exploring the loveliness in loneliness & the infinite wonder we find when we allow ourselves to bloom into the empty. A soft sense of purpose, how it sings within & around itself: this is so, this is so, this is so.

My Review:

Supernova is a short film written by a good friend of mine, Topaz Winters. It’s a three-minute film exploring loneliness and the world and people around us.

Despite the film being short, I got sucked into it. I seemed to have blinked and it was over.

The narration was spot on and brings you right into the story as you watch the protagonist gaze around her, question herself, and try to figure things out.

The writing was poetic. I found it to be very true to life and it was easy to follow along with.

The words, sound, and music, were smooth and easy to hear in the background. The camera and direction were great as well. You forget you’re watching a movie.

Everyone should give this film a watch. It’s quick, poetic yet out of this world, and has a great message.

Favorite Quote:

“I crave the company of others as much as they overwhlem me.” –Topaz Winters, Supernova

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