December 2017 Goals

December 2017 Goals


I’ve gotten ahead on my reading, so I’ll be reading books that won’t be reviewed until January. With that said, for December, I’ll be reviewing:

1. Rot by Aidan J. Reid
2. Going All In by Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley and Wayne J. Keeley
3. Turtles All The Way Down by John Green
4. 13 Steps To Evil: How To Craft Super Bad Villains by Sacha Black
5. Things That Surprise You by Jennifer Maschari

I’m not going to list books I plan on reading for this month because… I don’t know what to read yet. You can keep an eye on my Reading List and Goodreads to keep up with what I’m reading.


Writing is definitely going to take up a lot of energy this month… I’ll be editing two projects while planning a third.

1. Edit The Scribe – This was the novella I wrote last month for NaNoWriMo. Editing is going to be tough with extra research I have to do, but I cheated and started after Thanksgiving. I should be able to have it all done by the end of the month.

2. Edit Unwritten – This is a novel I wrote for Camp NaNo this year in April. I’ve been submitting one chapter a month to my local critique group. They’re seven chapters into the story and I’m going to edit the novel using my own notes as well as their feedback so that for the new year they’ll be reading second-draft material and not first-draft material.

3. Plan Perplexed – This is a short story collection that I’ll be working on throughout 2018. If all goes well, I plan on self-publishing it in 2019. It’s a working title, but the more I say it the more it grows on me… did I mention it’s a collection of mystery shorts? Maybe now the title makes a little more sense to you. It’ll consist of 12 shorts so I want to get any prompts and plots down now so I can dive right into it in January.


No post writing for me this month… well, unless I try to get some January posts done. Yeah, I should probably do that.

My main focus of the blog will be to finish updating all the graphics and the new theme. I want to have it all prettied up so that on Midnight January 1, I can ring in the new year with a new and improved blog!


December may kill me. Challenge accepted.

What are your plans for December? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll chat!

19 thoughts on “December 2017 Goals

  1. Good luck with the editing, and I hope you enjoy the books you end up deciding to read this month.

    At this point I’ve given up on any thought of meeting my reading goal for the year. It’s unusual for me to be behind on it, but I am… Really behind. So my reading goal for the month is to just read and enjoy some books, and see how close I get to my goal when I’m done. Other than that it’s holiday stuff, writing when I can, and resisting the urge to pretend I’m a bear and sleep until Spring.

    • Thanks!
      I know what you mean. I love the Goodreads challenge, but it’s quality over quantity. Books should be read slow and enjoyed. 🙂
      I too want to hibernate, so we’ll have to fight that feeling together.

      • Glad it’s not just me on the hibernation thing. I usually love this time of year, and I really don’t mind the cold – I actually quite like cold weather – but there’s been so much going on that this year I can’t help wishing I was a bear, just for the excuse to curl up for a long nap.

  2. Wow, that’s a very ambitious plan you’ve set out for yourself! I’m doing the opposite, scaling back a bit on my writing goals this month to make room for the holidays and to play catch-up after NaNoWriMo. Good luck with all that editing and planning — it does sound like fun!

    • I don’t typically like having December be so goal heavy, but I got ahead for the holidays and want to get ahead on this as well.
      Thanks! Happy December and good luck with your catch up.

      • I am doing fairly well on the holidays to-do list, but I know that things always come up that are unexpected and I want to be able to relax and enjoy the holidays this time around. I hope you get to relax, as well as getting so much done!

  3. My plans for December is to finish writing the final chapters of my fantasy novella. Then immediately start editing it before sending it out to an editor to go through it. Then edit and polish as much as possible again, so that maybe, maybe I’ll have a completed manuscript ready to submit in pitch parties in early 2018. Of course I’ll be blogging, have the last 4 blog posts of the year to write up. Including the top ten posts of 2017. I also have to finish planning/sketching out the final romance short, of a novella collection, I’ll be tackling next year. So will have to come to the decision if I’ll take part in the 85K90D writing challenge to write all four shorts.

    • Wow, you’ll have a busy month! Good luck with all of that. It sounds like you have a solid plan and you’re well on your way. I hope December and the new year treats you well!

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