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I was tagged by the lovely Galit to participate in this tag called the Writing Ritual. I don’t participate in tags often, but I do enjoy them. I think they’re a lot of fun and it’s definitely great to see what other writers, bloggers, and readers have to answer.

I won’t be tagging anyone to do this as I don’t normally do. But if you see this, consider yourself tagged. If you post it on your blog, leave a link in the comments below. I’d love to see your answers!

Writing Ritual Tag

When do you write? (time of day, day of week)

I typically write in the morning. I’m an early bird and the most awake during the early hours. Plus, that’s the time everyone in my house gets up and goes off to work, so I have that time to myself. As long as the dog, cat, and turtle cooperate, I can get a lot done.

I try to write every day. I haven’t stuck with it lately, though. I’m trying to get better at that!

How do you seclude yourself from the outside world?

I typically put on YouTube or Twitch in the background as I write. Sometimes it can be distracting, but for the most part, I’m alone without feeling like I am… if that makes any sense.

How do you review what you wrote the previous day?

I don’t usually. I’ll sometimes read a little bit of what I wrote to remember where I left off, but I usually just jump right back into my writing again.

What song is your go-to when you’re feeling uninspired?

I typically listen to instrumental music. This can be the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings soundtracks, violin music, or gaming soundtracks such as Pokemon, Ace Attorney, or The Legend of Zelda.

What do you always do (i.e. listen to music, read, watch youtube, etc.) when you find yourself struggling with writer’s block?

I’ll put on some of the music I listened above to get myself into the writing mode. Sometimes I’ll switch to a different project or find a writing prompt and write a quick flash fiction story. Then there are times when I just take a break altogether. I’ll walk away for the rest of the day and read or play video games.

What tools do you use when you’re writing?

I use Word Document on my laptop. That’s pretty much it. I’ll write the old fashioned way on occasion with a notebook and pen, but it’s usually just Word that I save to Dropbox.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without during a writing session?

My notes and a timer. 9 out of 10 times, I outline before writing. I also set a timer for one hour. That way I stay focused and I can write up to 2,000 words in that time.

How do you fuel yourself during your writing session?

Coffee or soda water. I try not to eat during my writing sessions only because I like the kinds of snacks that get your fingers all cheesy or the like.

How do you know when you’re done writing?

I’m done when the story is finished being told. Sometimes I’ll think the story is going to go to 200k words and then it ends up being 70k or something. I usually stop when I get a strange sense of satisfaction. I guess that means my mind is happy with what I wrote.

What are your answers to these questions? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll chat!

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