Time To Write: Picture Prompt 10

Time to write, picture prompt

Write a story based on the picture above.

If you use this prompt, leave a link to your story in the comments below. I’d love to read it!

Happy writing!

6 thoughts on “Time To Write: Picture Prompt 10

  1. Whilst I’m absolutely not a story writer, this is a method I use in my classroom from time to time to make pupils think a little deeper about what they’re seeing. Some will go absolutely surface level (in this instance I feel something along the lines of the end of a pleasant day might come to mind for some), whilst others will look for something that isn’t there (perhaps the beginning of a terrifying night…HALLOWEEN!)

    I’ll be sure to have a read of ones that pop up here given a chance!

    • I find these exercises to be great! I used to do them in school once in a while as well. It’s true, you can interpret anything out of it.

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