Blogger Prompt Chain

Blogger Prompt Chain

I was tagged by the lovely A.J. Alexander to do this Blogger Prompt Chain, which she created. The idea is to create a “chain” of stories written by writers and bloggers all over.

I think this is a wonderful idea and I was more than happen to be invited to participate.


1. Pick one of the five given writing prompts (picked from here)
2. Set up the Blogger Prompt Chain banner and publish your story under the banner.
3. After your story, continue the chain by forwarding an invitation to five bloggers or writers. (In case a writer doesn’t have a blog, guest posts can be offered)
4. Don’t forget to link the writers to your blog and back to the one who invited you.
5. Publish the five writing prompts and rules!


a) The End of The Bucket List
Write a story about a character who finds out that he or she is dying and has been knocking things off his/her bucket list and has finally reached the last item.

b) Get Out of the Car With Your Hands Up
You’re driving to your favorite city when you’re stopped by a police officer. Sure, you were going a few miles over the speed limit, so you’re not overly surprised. But you are surprised when the police officer gets to your car and screams, “Get out of your car with your hands up!” This leads to an unexpected night for you. Write this scene.

c) Hiring a New Villain
Your old villain quit over creative differences, so you’ve put yourself in charge of hiring a new villain for your novel. What questions do you ask? What does the new villain’s resume say? Write this scene as if it were a job interview.

d) At The End of The Rainbow
You and a friend have decided to try and follow a rainbow to see if the end holds a pot of gold. But when you finally reach the end, you find something much more valuable than a pot of gold—and it changes your life. Write this scene.

e) The Letter All Writers Should Write
Write a letter to a person who supported your writing career, whether that be a friend, a family member, a teacher (even one that supported you at a very young age before you knew that it would blossom into a writing career), an author you’ve never met but have been inspired by his or her writing. Do you thank them? Do you blame them? Take the letter in any direction you want.

My Choice – The Letter All Writers Should Write:

To my sister, Kris,

A long, long time ago I was your “annoying” little sister. I wanted to hang out with you and your friends all the time, I wanted to do everything that you did. So, when you started to write, I wanted to write.

When you discovered the FanFiction website, I wanted to join it too. You were a nice older sister and allowed me writing space on your account.

From then on we both discovered a love of writing and being creative.

I’ve bounced ideas off of you, spent hours talking about a particular project, you listen to my writing woes and accomplishments, and I hope to co-write a novel with you some day.

It’s hard to believe we’ve both come so far with our writing. I never would have imagined I’d go from running various role-playing websites with you to writing novels and running a couple of blogs with you.

Of course, I have many people who support me with my writing (too many to name), but you’re the one who has started it all. You’re the one who has stuck with it, with me, through it all. You’re the one who fully understands what it truly means to be a “writer.”

Thanks for showing me this path and thank you for putting up with me following your lead.

I love you!


My Invitations:

1. Kris Poli
2. Herminia Chow
3. Nthato Morakabi
4. Skye Hegyes
5. J.J. Oliveria

If you don’t want to participate, that’s okay, but it’d be great if you did. And, of course, if you decide to take part without being invited, that’d be great! Just be sure to leave a link to your story below because I’d love to read it.

Thanks again to A.J. for including me and creating this fun chain!

What did you think of this idea? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll chat!

21 thoughts on “Blogger Prompt Chain

  1. Looks like I have my post for Thursday haha! Thanks for the invite and that was a really really sweet letter to your sister. You guys have such a great relationship. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    Kris, thanks for being an amazing and encouraging sister to Rachel. We wouldn’t be reading this (let alone following this blog or knowing who Rachel is) without your guidance in her life.

    • Awesome, I’m glad you’ll participate!
      Yeah, I really don’t know where I would be today without either of my sisters. It’s been an interesting journey. 🙂

  2. Oh – I’m THRILLED!! This is so great, I danced a little happy-dance here when I read it. Thanks so much for this amazing Blogger Prompt Chain start-up, Rachel!! I’m enthusiastic, can you tell? LOL

  3. Reblogged this on Writer's Treasure Chest and commented:
    Do you remember, September 9, 2017 I published a blog post which was supposed to be the start of a ‘Blogger Prompt Chain’. Today I discovered Rachel Poli, one of the invited writers, has taken the chance to publish an amazing letter to her sister. Please read it on her blog – and I’m enthusiastic that the chain has been started. Thank you, Rachel, you rock!!

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