September 2017 Wrap Up

September 2017 wrap up


I read six books this month. I’d say it was a good reading month! I’ve updated my Reading List with the books I read this month and links to their reviews. Feel free to check that out and see what I read and reviewed this month.


I had a late start, but I completed my writing goals for this month. My writing goals for September was to figure out what I wanted to work on and prioritize my writing projects.Well, I did just that and made a list of what to work on each month through next May. It may change depending on what I actually accomplish, but I do have a plan.

Well, I did just that and made a list of what to work on each month through next May. It may change depending on what I actually accomplish, but I do have a plan. I made deadlines for each of my writing projects as well and I’m going to do my best to stick with it.

With that said, I wrote two short stories this month and I also edited one of my picture books.


I got all my September blog posts done early (the ones I could write in advance, I mean) and that gave me plenty of time to get a head start on October’s posts.

I’ve been working hard on my October posts and are almost done with those as well. This means I’ll be able to focus on outlining my NaNo novel. Not to mention, I can slowly work on November’s posts so for that month I can focus on writing my NaNo novel. Then it’ll be December and then a new year… oh, geez…

Anyway, this has also given me time to work on the physical part of the blog. The makeover is going slower than I thought it would, but I’m taking my time and I think it’s coming along nicely (so far).


September was a good month. I got my crap together and really figured out a new plan for myself and my writing. I feel like it was a “new beginning” to launch my life as a writer.

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How did September treat you? Let me know in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “September 2017 Wrap Up

    • Thanks, I think I’ve got myself into a good routine!
      The picture book is about a monster under the bed. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet though because I’m not sure if I’m completely happy with it.

  1. I’m glad you had such a great September. Congratulations on meeting your goals for the month, and making the plans you need to feel like you’re in control of things.

    My September has been pretty good, though I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to. Audiobook production is going really well and moving along nicely, and I’m in the middle of a blog tour to promote some of those books now they’re in audio (I actually have a live Facebook event starting in a little over an hour). We got the puppy spayed, and she’s recovering nicely. Plus, the landlords got some more of the work done that our property needs, in particular some I was worried about facing Winter without them doing, so I’m rather relieved about that. I read several books this month, but am still behind on my overall reading goal for the year (I’ve managed to make it so I’m behind by a couple of books less though). I’m also ahead of things when it comes to scheduling blog posts for the next couple of months. When it comes to my writing though… Well, that just didn’t go well this month. I’ve snatched a few moments here and there for writing, but so many other things have been going on that I wasn’t able to get a decent sized writing session in, and I really didn’t achieve much during the snatched moments I had.

  2. A jolly productive month if you ask me! I had a good start to the month and a bit of a slump at the end. I’m pump by the start of a new month though so hopefully that buzz will make me productive again 😀

    • I always feel like the beginning of the month gets me excited to “work.” It’s just something about making new goals.
      Good luck this month!

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