Short Story Sunday 174: Special (Part Three)

Short Story: "Special" [Part Three] | Flash Fiction

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You guys voted for Meredith to wake the stranger, so that’s exactly what she does. Enjoy, and please vote for the next part below!

            Meredith sighed deeply as she prepared herself for what she was about to do. She reached underneath her bed and pulled out a baseball bat. One of her other friends had left it in her room and she just kicked her underneath her bed. It bothered her that they never came back for it, but she was grateful it was in her hands now.

She drew in a breath and held it as she stood as far away from the bed as possible. She stretched out her arm holding the bat and gently poked the lump under the blankets.

Nothing happened.

Harder this time, Meredith jabbed the bat into the person’s backside. They groaned and rolled over in response, causing Meredith to jump on top of her bed as though the floor was suddenly made of lava.

The girl turned over in Paige’s bed. When she blinked her eyes open and saw Meredith, she sat up looking confused.

“Meredith, what are you doing?” she asked.

Meredith’s eyes grew wide. She held onto the bat tighter. “How do you know my name…?”

The girl rolled her eyes. “Don’t be stupid, we’ve been roommates all semester.”

Meredith furrowed her brows. Quietly, she said, “Paige…?”

The girl, apparently Paige, looked at Meredith. “What?”

Meredith sighed, sitting back down on her bed crossing her legs. She blinked her eyes a few times, shaking her head, and even rubbing her cheeks with her hands, but this other girl, who claimed to be Paige, was still there.

What in the world was going on?

“Oh, crap, is that the time?” Paige groaned upon looking at her cell phone. She threw her blankets off her body and hopped out of bed. “Why didn’t you say something? We’re both going to be late!”

Meredith watched Paige grab her clothes and dash into the bathroom.

No, this couldn’t have been Paige. Paige had a mop of thick, curly auburn hair and this person had stick straight blonde hair. Paige snored and this person didn’t. Paige didn’t care how late she was to class and this one did. Who was this person and why were they pretending to be Paige? Was Paige trying to play some sort of trick on Meredith?

After a few moments, “Paige” came out of the bathroom running a brush through her hair. “Aren’t you going to head to class?”

“I usually wait for you.” Meredith said quietly.

Paige chuckled. “How late did you stay up last night? You’re acting so strange.”

“And you’re not?”

Paige cocked her head to the side. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, you weren’t snoring, you changed your hair, and you actually woke up fairly easily. Plus, you’re talking about going to class.” Meredith explained.

Paige put her brush down on her bed and put her hands on her hips. “Okay, the semester is just about over. I would think you’d know me a little by now. I told you that over the summer I got those nasal strip things. I straighten my hair after each shower because the curls were driving me nuts. And, you and I have been a team when it comes being late to class. You usually cover for me, but now…” she glanced at the time on her phone and rolled her eyes. “Now we’re both going to get into trouble.”

Meredith didn’t remember any of this. Paige was a completely different person when she went to bed. How could this be happening?

Paige picked up her school books and sighed. “Well, I guess I’m going to try to explain my tardiness to the professor. You coming?”

Meredith slowly shook her head.

Paige nodded. “I’ll tell the professor you got sick last night.” She winked and suddenly she was out the door.

Meredith immediately reached for the notebook underneath her mattress. That had to be it! Her professor told her it was special, he said to use it wisely. She wrote about Paige, wishing she could change her roommate, and that’s exactly what happened.

How, she wasn’t sure.

Meredith took out the notebook and opened to the first page. She re-read what she wrote and shook her head. She didn’t want this notebook to be changing everything in her life. As cool as this version of Paige seemed, she wanted the old Paige back.

She ripped out the first page, silver sparks popping as the papers tears.

Meredith paused trying to process what had just happened. What did those sparks mean? Were they going to cause a fire or something?

She glanced at her waste basket and then back at the notebook. Then she looked at the page in her hand.

Surely, since it was out of the notebook, Paige was back to normal, right? Or did she have to tear up the page and throw it away to get the old Paige back?

I hope you enjoyed this third part of the story. Please vote below and check back next Sunday to see what happens next!

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