Short Story Sunday 173: Special (Part Two)

Short Story: "Special" [Part Two] | Flash Fiction

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            Meredith drummed her fingers on her desk staring at the first two blank pages before her. She looked over her shoulder at her sleeping roommate and wondered whether she should do anything with this notebook or not.

Professor Hobbs seemed adamant that he wanted her to keep it a secret, to keep the notebook hidden in a safe place. Yet, he had told her to “use it wisely.” How she was supposed to use it, Meredith had no idea. It was just a notebook, wasn’t it? How does a notebook have special paper and how are you supposed to be careful with it?

Meredith reached over to a wire cylinder cup on the top right hand corner of her desk and picked out a blue gel-ink pen. It was her favorite pen because it made her handwriting look much better than it was. The point of the pen just glided along the paper so smoothly. Special paper called for a special pen.

She tapped her chin with the backside of the pen. What should she write in the notebook? What would Professor Hobbs want her to write about? It had to be something good.

Was anyone else going to see what she wrote, or was it just going to be herself and maybe Professor Hobbs?

Right before she was about to place the tip of her pen on the paper, her roommate snorted. Meredith rolled her eyes. She and her roommate, Paige, got along very well, but Paige snored a lot. It was often hard for Meredith to get a good night’s sleep because of Paige, especially because she was also a night owl. Meredith was surprised Paige was even asleep at the moment.

Then Meredith chuckled. She knew exactly what to write.

Once upon a time there were two young girls who attended the same boarding school and were roommates together.

She cringed at the opening line, but she shrugged and continued. She could rip the page out later.

Amy majored in English while her roommate Justine majored in science. Amy was an early-bird and Justine was a night owl. Amy didn’t snore, Justine did. Amy often wished for a new roommate.

Meredith took her pen off the page and leaned back in her chair. It was a lousy beginning to a story, if one could even call it that, but at least she could say that she wrote something in the notebook. She had a feeling that Professor Hobbs was going to ask her about it the following day when they got to the class. Meredith could tell him that she really like the paper and started brainstorming for their final assignment in it, even though that wasn’t entirely true.

Professor Hobbs was an English teacher and he was always trying to get his students into creative writing. Most of the students grunted and groaned, but Meredith didn’t really mind it. It was a nice break from all the academic stuff from her other classes.

For their final assignment for the semester, they had to write a short story. Meredith wasn’t planning on writing a short story about Paige’s snoring problem and her own lack of sleep, but at least she was able to tell her teacher that she tried writing in the notebook. The final assignment was the reason he gave it to her, right? Though she didn’t exactly see what was so special about the notebook.

Meredith took her cell phone out of her back pocket and checked the time. It was almost midnight. She gasped and closed her notebook. She was never going to be able to wake up in time for her first class if she stayed up any later.

With the notebook closed, Meredith tucked it under her pillow. She crawled into bed and pulled the covers up under her chin. Meredith closed her eyes and as soon as the clock struck midnight, she drifted off into a deep sleep and Paige’s snoring abruptly stopped.


            Meredith awoke the following morning at six to her alarm on her cell phone. She quickly sat up and shut it off. She stretched her arms high up above her head and let out a massive yawn. Meredith blinked the sleep out of her eyes and tossed her legs over the side of her bed.

“Paige, it’s time to get up.” Meredith grunted standing up from her bed. She and Paige had the same class starting at seven on Wednesday mornings. Yet, Meredith was always accountable for waking Paige because she had such a hard time with mornings. So, when Paige didn’t budge, Meredith didn’t think anything of it.

She walked over to Paige’s bed and poked her back. “Come on, Paige.”

Paige rolled over onto her back and Meredith was able to see her face. Except it wasn’t Paige’s face. The girl in Paige’s bed was not Paige. Meredith had no idea who it was. Yet, she looked strangely familiar.

She gasped looking all around the room, but it was a small room. There would be no where for Paige to hide if she was trying to play a prank on Meredith. Besides, how would she get a complete stranger to come in and sleep in her bed?

Meredith looked back at the stranger lying in her roommate’s bed and drew in a deep breath. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do next. She knew Paige was sleeping in her room just a few hours ago.

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