Online Productivity Tools For Bloggers [Guest Post]

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Online Productivity Tools for Bloggers by James Porter | Guest Post

As a blogger or writer, you are responsible for the articles you create, their quality and how you manage your time to increase productivity. In order to attract visitors to your blog, you have to constantly offer them blog posts that are not only interesting but also flawless. Being a blogger means you do not have the security that an office job offers, so it’s up to you what devices and tools you use to make your job easier. The pressure of being on your own requires a lot of organization and time management skills.

Thanks to the smart devices and advancements in technology you can type a paper or an article faster, easier and focusing less on the spelling and grammar mistakes and more on your creative flow. With the right smart tools, apps and devices bloggers can benefit from a treasure trove of online tools that can help them organize their projects and workload, communicate with clients and readers, manage their time and have the necessary space to store their work.

There is nothing wrong in making your job and life easier if you can. In fact, this is why these tools were created in the first place.

1. FocusWriter

Sometimes, focusing on writing can prove a struggle, especially if you choose to work from home or a public place such as a café. It is very easy to get distracted and lose your focus, whether it is a mail that you get, a notification on Facebook that you cannot refrain from checking or a message on Skype that you want to read. FocusWriter gives you a distraction-free environment. You will have on your screen only a gray text area to work on. No other tabs or applications to distract you.

2. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a top contextual spell checker which relies on Artificial Intelligence to help you write accurate articles. It is a proofreading tool with an in-built plagiarism detector and grammar checker. It will highlight in green the grammar mistakes and in red the spelling mistakes, also giving you tips on how to create a good article and a list of the most confused phrases and words and their explanation. You do not need to download the tool to use it.


Being a blogger means constantly writing on various topics and always being up to date with the news and latest information. is an online writing company which offers custom paper writing services to a variety of clients. Whenever you feel that you need writing paper help or just to see some of the blogs they are writing, you can contact the company via live chat, email or phone number. It’s perfectly normal to be sometimes stuck and simply have no idea what to write about, so a little help would be exactly what you need to get back on the track.

4. Evernote

As a blogger, you will write hundreds, if not thousands of blog posts, go through numerous articles, resources, books, magazines and much more. With Evernote you can have all this information in one place, storing emails, documents, photos, websites and articles in folders that you can access from any device. You simply create an account and sync your folders across all your gadgets to access them remotely.

5. Grammarly

Why not focus on your ideas and messages you want to put in your articles and let Grammarly focus on grammar, spelling, and plagiarism? Yes, it’s that easy. The app not only checks mistakes but also provides useful explanations for each one of them. Thanks to the embed plagiarism checker you will make sure that your articles do not have duplicate content. Grammarly supports various document types, and you can choose between a blog post, an article, a business document and so on. You can even choose the US or British English. Although Grammarly is free, you might want to consider upgrading to the premium version to benefit from more advanced grammatical and phrasing errors.

A great number of bloggers and paper writers are not native English speakers so using such tools can make their work easier and help them deliver top quality content. With flawless articles, they are able to attract an audience and bring traffic from search engines. Once you start using these tools, you will wonder why you did not do this earlier. They will be your personal assistant, who proofreads your work, organizes your documents, and finds the documents and resources you need.

Writer’s block is a dreadful taught of any blogger. Nobody wants to just stare at the white screen with no idea of what to write about. These productivity tools are just some of the much more that you can access for free on the internet or install them on your computer. Having the right tools and apps can ensure you will never forget ideas and that your blog posts are optimized. Try these tools and see which your favorite ones are.

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