Archie, Vol. 1: The New Riverdale by Mark Waid

Archie, Vol. 1: The New Riverdale | Book Review

Title: Archie, Vol. 1: The New Riverdale
Author: Mark Waid, Fiona Staples (illustrations), Annie Wu (illustrator), Veronica Fish (illustrator)
March 2016 by Archie Comics
Genre: Graphic Novel
How I got the book: I borrowed it from my sister


America’s Favorite Teenager, Archie Andrews, is reborn in the pages of this must-have graphic novel collecting the first six issues of the comic book series that everyone is talking about. Meet Riverdale High teen Archie, his oddball, food-loving best friend Jughead, girl-next-door Betty and well-to-do snob Veronica Lodge as they embark on a modern reimagining of the beloved Archie world. It’s all here: the love triangle, friendship, humor, charm and lots of fun – but with a decidedly modern twist.

My Review:


Kris used to have a subscription to the Archie comics for as long as I can remember. She’d get Archie, Betty & Veronica, Jughead, pretty much all of them. There are two drawers in my bedroom filled with all the Archie comics (mixed in with some superheroes and Looney Toons, I believe). She used to read them to me when I was still learning how to read and with this new artwork and storyline, we were both intrigued.


Volume 1 has six issues inside that all continue the same overall plot. Archie and Betty have broken up due to some “lipstick incident” after being together for practically their entire lives. Then rich girl Veronica moves to Riverdale and Archie falls head over heels in love.

It’s not until issue four when we find out what exactly broke Archie and Betty up. Still, the premise is that they miss each other, they miss being friends even though Betty moves on and Archie follows Veronica around like a puppy.

Most of the kids at their school scheme to get them back together, but Betty and Archie want nothing to do with it. Archie is more concerned about not being clumsy so he can keep a job all the while trying to impress Veronica’s father.

But then at the end, Reggie, the school bully, steps in to impress Veronica’s father even more.


Personality and characteristics wise, all the characters have pretty much stayed true to themselves. I’ve missed reading the Archie comics and reading these updated characters brought me right back to the olden days when I used to read them with my sister.

Archie, being the main character, is also the narrator. He talks to the reader knowing he’s telling a story. He’s an overall good guy, gives just enough back ground information, and is too clumsy for his own good. I absolutely love his character and he is ridiculously funny.

Betty is her tomboy self and Veronica is her rich-girl self. In this first volume they never actually met one another and Betty would watch Archie with her from afar.

Reggie is his normal bully-like self and then there’s Jughead. Jughead is one of my favorite characters. He witnesses all and as Archie’s best friend, he helps him out no matter what. Still, he acts as though he’s on nobody’s side but his own.


Volume 1 is made up of six comic issues, each one being broken up into three short “chapters.” At about 200 pages and being a graphic novel, this is a fairly quick read.

The script is funny and engaging the whole time and the illustrations are beautiful and incredibly detailed.


I love a good graphic novel every now and then and reading Archie brought me back to my childhood. If you were a fan of the Archie comics back then, you won’t be disappointed by this newest version.

Archie, Vol. 1: The New Riverdale by Mark Waid gets…
5-Star Rating | Book Review5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote:

“You are who you are. Not what people think you are. Be straight. Be weird. Be whatever. Just be what you wanna be.” –Mark Waid, Archie, Vol. 1: The New Riverdale

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