Short Story Sunday 167: New

Short Story: New | Flash Fiction

            It was a long process. It was a process that Lacey didn’t know anything about. She was thankful that she had her father with her because if this was something she had to do alone, she wouldn’t have been able to make it.

Harry, her father, held open the door to the car dealership for his daughter and stepped aside. Lacey walked through the threshold first and then immediately stopped. Desks were lined up along the perimeter of the large room and in the middle were four cars lined up being showcased.

Where were they supposed to start?

“Well, go ahead.” Her father prompted as stepped beside her.

Lacey shrugged her shoulders. “What are we supposed to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“I thought you knew what you were doing?” Lacey asked.

“To a point,”

Lacey groaned. She was here to buy her very first car. She had been saving her paychecks for months and had enough for a deposit on a brand new one. Lacey got her driver’s license two months ago and she had been switching back and forth between driving her mother’s car and her father’s. She wanted so bad to have a brand new car of her own and now she finally had enough money to treat herself. She even figured out her monthly paychecks knowing how much of a car payment she would be able to afford each month.

A man came up to Lacey and her father and introduced himself as Andrew.

“Can I help you guys with anything?” he asked.

Lacey looked up at her father expecting him to respond, but he looked down at her. She sighed knowing that he purposefully wasn’t answering for her. She wanted the car, she was going to have to try to get one herself. He was teaching her a life lesson, which she should have seen coming.

She didn’t mind doing it, of course, but everything was easier when her parents just did it for her.

“I’m looking to buy a new car.” Lacey said.

“Great,” Andrew smiled. “Are you thinking of replacing your old one or is this your first car?”

“First one,”

“Okay, what did you have in mind?”

Lacey frowned and slowly turned her head to look at her father again. Harry was looking in the opposite direction staring at the bright red Mercedes that was shining in the middle of the room. She sighed knowing that was the type of car he wanted if he was ever to win the lottery.

“I, uh, don’t really know what kind of car I want.” Lacey rubbed the back of her neck.

She was a bit embarrassed for not having a type of car in mind to buy. She had looked up some cars on the Internet and the dealership’s website, but nothing really jumped out at her. Sure, there were some cars that looked great on the outside, but she had no idea what any of the specs meant. Lacey wasn’t sure which brands were supposedly the best.

“Right now I drive the cars my mom and dad have. Mom has a minivan and dad has a pick-up truck.” Lacey explained. She didn’t really know anything about any other types of cars. Her mother’s van was pretty old, too. Lacey was sure they didn’t make those kinds anymore.

“Would you be interested in either of those, then? Or were you thinking of something different?” Andrew asked.

“I don’t really know.” Lacey shrugged and then chuckled. “Sorry, I didn’t really think this one through.”

“Maybe we can just look around and see what jumps out at you.” Harry suggested.

Lacey looked over at her father. She had realized that he was paying attention to the conversation.

“Sure. If there’s anything that catches your eye I can take it out and you can test drive it and let me know what you think.” Andrew said nodding his head. He pointed to the door behind them and started walking towards it. “Follow me to the lot. I can tell you about some of the cars.”

The three of them walked around the mass of brand new cars. Harry pointed some out and Andrew would explain it model, make, and year along with some cool features it came with. Andrew would also point out some cars and talk about them as well. Lacey didn’t say too much. She mostly just nodded her head and tried to take in everything Andrew was telling them about the cars. She really had no idea what he was saying half of the time, though.

As they walked further down the lot, Lacey spotted a silver station wagon. She pointed to it. “Andrew, what about that one?”

Andrew explained that was one of the newest cars they just got in recently. It was considered a minivan, but it only held six people. Lacey shrugged saying that she wasn’t going to be driving very many people around. It would mainly just be herself.

Andrew pulled the car out of its spot and Lacey sat down in the driver’s seat. She rubbed her hands against the steering wheel and smiled. It was comfortable and she fit perfectly in it. She loved it!

“I’ll take it.” She laughed.

“Let’s drive it, first.” Harry chuckled.

Lacey drove it around the town for about fifteen minutes before driving it back to the dealership. As soon as she pulled it back into the spot she looked at her dad. “I want this.”

“Really?” Harry asked raising an eyebrow.

“I know it’s the first one I’ve tried, but I know I want this car.”

“Well, when you know, you know.” Harry shrugged his shoulders and looked at Andrew in the backseat. “I guess we’ll take this.”

Andrew unbuckled himself and smiled. “Well, then. Let’s head inside and fill out the paperwork.”

Lacey clapped and then jumped out of the car. “I can’t believe I have my very own car!”

“Congratulations, Lacey.” Harry wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “You’re finally a big kid now.”

Lacey shook her head, but she giggled. “It doesn’t sound that great when you put it like that.”

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