May 2017 Wrap Up

May 2017 Wrap Up


I kind of got back into my reading routine. I read one book a week, which was good. I also got a head start for June’s reading list.

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I’m still editing my mystery novel. I thought I would get through it during the month of May, but time was limited (thanks a lot to my day job…) and when I did edit, I was pretty slow. Thorough, but slow. It would take me about an hour to get through five pages or so. So, I didn’t accomplish this goal, but I’m working on it.


I talked a lot about editing this month. I think they were some of my best posts yet. I received a lot of great feedback on them and my stats even went way up because of them. So, thank you to everyone who liked, commented, and followed my blog this month. It really means a lot!

And I have to say that I got a lot done for blogging, in general, this month. I’ve already started working on June’s posts as well as Double Jump’s June posts.

As for the new blog, I’ve mostly just brainstormed. But that’s better than nothing at all.


May was a good month. I didn’t get as much editing done as I would have hoped, but I worked hard and worked a lot so it was a good month.

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How did the month of May treat you? Did you accomplish your goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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