Time To Write: Fix

Time To Write: Fix | Writing Prompt

Write about your character fixing something or helping/watching someone else fix something.

What are they fixing? Are they doing a good job? Do they know what they’re doing? Was it even broken in the first place?

Happy Writing!

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11 thoughts on “Time To Write: Fix

  1. I always find find it fun/ fascinating to have characters do ordinary household chores. Like farming, though, if I have my characters fix stuff, I have to either write directly from experience or do research.
    Wait, come to think of it, all writing is either from our own lives or research.
    Just nailed the secret of all writing.
    Seriously, though, great suggestion.

    • I know what you mean! Having the characters do everyday things really helps with their development.
      And yeah, it’s amazing that writing stems from us as people, lol.

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