Short Story Sunday 158: Keep

Short Story Sunday: Keep

            Miranda held onto the paper with both hands. The sides of the letter were wrinkled from her tight grip. Her eyes shifted from one side of the white-lined paper to the other as she read and re-read the words written.

It was a love letter. She read it with tears filling up in her eyes. She wasn’t teary-eyed because it was sweet and it made her feel happy. No, the love letter was actually breaking her heart.

Miranda inhaled through her nose and averted her gaze away from the letter. She dropped her arms down by her sides and looked straight ahead. Her tall mirror stood before her and she gasped upon seeing her eyes red and puffy, her face covered with blotches. Miranda abruptly turned away from her reflection and walked over to her bed.

She sat down at the foot of her bed and looked back at the letter. She didn’t want to read it again; she didn’t even want to have it in her hands anymore. Yet, the letter was like a train wreck and she just couldn’t look away from it.

When Miranda walked into her sister’s bedroom to call her for dinner, she realized that Jade was nowhere to be found. However, Miranda did find the love letter on her pillow. It was still sealed in the envelope, so Miranda had assumed that Jade did not read it yet. Curious, Miranda took the letter into her own hands and opened it up.

It was addressed to “Jade, My Love” and, as far as Miranda knew, her sister did not have a lover.

Miranda took the letter back to her own bedroom and read it, which she soon regretted.

The letter was from Dominic, Miranda’s boyfriend. It was a love letter from Miranda’s boyfriend to Miranda’s sister. How confusing was that?

In the letter, Dominic had confessed his love to Jade. Apparently the two of them have seen each other on the side a couple of times behind Miranda’s back. How could Jade do that to her own sister? How could Dominic do that to his own girlfriend? Why couldn’t they just tell Miranda the truth? She loved Dominic, but she would have understood if Jade was a better match for him.

Okay, well, maybe she wouldn’t have completely understood right away. Miranda was willing to talk to them about it, at the very least. The fact that both of them have gone behind her back really upset Miranda.

Dominic stated in the letter that he thought it was time Miranda knew about the two of them, except he had no idea how Jade really felt about him. Miranda rolled her eyes. In other words, if Jade rejected him then Miranda would suffice for him. How romantic.

After a long speech about how much Dominic was in love with Jade and he felt terrible for leading Miranda on, he asked Jade to meet him at the park after hours. Miranda looked up at the clock hanging on her wall. The park closed at eight o’clock, which meant he probably wanted to meet Jade around that time. It was six o’clock now and Jade hadn’t seen the letter. In fact, Miranda had no idea where Jade was.

Miranda bit her lower lip and looked back down at the letter. Dominic wrote that if Jade didn’t show up to the park, he would assume that she doesn’t want to be with him and he would continue seeing Miranda and leave Jade alone.

Miranda knew well that she should confront Jade. She should confront Dominic and talk to both of them about this situation. At the same time, she wanted to meet Dominic at the park after hours without telling Jade about it and see how he reacted to that.

This love letter to her sister should have been a huge turn off for Miranda. However, she felt so hurt that for some strange reason she wanted to keep Dominic to herself all the more.

She should go to Jade and talk to her about it. She shouldn’t go to Dominic and confront him herself, Jade should know about this. Jade should be able to decide and Miranda should be a loyal sister and do what is best for the both of them. Then again, if Dominic didn’t feel guilty enough to go behind Miranda’s back like this, who was to say that he wouldn’t do the same to Jade if another girl crossed his line of vision? Were he and Jade truly meant to be together?

But Miranda still felt as though she and Dominic were meant to be together.

“Miranda, Jade is down here. Where did you? Your soup is getting cold!” a female voice called from the bottom of the stairs.

“Coming!” Miranda shouted back to her mother.

She stood up from her bed and folded the letter back up. She put it back in the envelope and sealed it as best as she could now that the glue wouldn’t stick anymore. Then Miranda slipped the letter underneath her mattress where she hid most of her things that she didn’t want Jade to find.

Miranda drew in a deep breath and stared at the edge of her mattress where the letter was, but she couldn’t see. She had decided not to tell Jade about it. She wouldn’t show up to the park, Dominic would assume she didn’t feel the same way he felt about her, and he would remain Miranda’s boyfriend.

Miranda took a couple steps back still staring at the edge of her bed. She knew what she was doing was wrong. She knew she should break with us Dominic for this. Jade deserved to know, but Dominic deserved less. She shook her head trying to push away her thoughts.

She turned around and walked out of her bedroom trying to forget about the letter. She had no idea how she was going to face Jade without giving anything away.

However, now that the letter was hidden, Miranda was sure she would forget about it soon enough.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Words: 1,018

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10 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday 158: Keep

  1. What a predicament to be in. I can feel Miranda’s pain and confusion. One would only hope that she would not let a boyfriend come between them because it wouldn’t be worth it.

  2. Heartbreaking story, in a good way. I like how the story delves deep into Miranda’s feelings. The conflict that resonates throughout the story. Should she or shouldn’t see? I like how the story ends. There’s still the question on whether Miranda confronts Dominic or not, even though it’s stated.

  3. No idea why my comment didn’t go through two days ago. But I remember writing this story makes me sad. It still does.

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