Short Story Sunday 157: Jelly

Short Story Sunday: Jelly

            Kate stood in her kitchen making lunch for her and her three sons. She had asked what they all wanted and each of them stated they wanted peanut butter and jelly. Since she was going to be making three anyway, Kate figured she might as well have one too.

The boys were playing outside kicking a soccer ball around while Kate prepared their lunch. She took out six slices of bread—she’d make her own sandwich after she’s given the boys’ theirs—as well as the peanut butter and the grape jelly. She took out two butter knives, one for the peanut butter and one for the jelly. She hated it when the contents of the two jars got mixed up. Her husband always used the same knife to spread the peanut butter and the jelly and there was always peanut butter in the jelly.

Kate spread the peanut butter on three slices, put that knife in the sink, and then spread jelly on the other three slices. She folded each sandwich together, cutting each one in half. She picked up the three plates and put them at the kitchen table.

Next, she opened the cupboard and took out four glasses. She filled each of them with milk. She put three on the table and took a sip from the fourth one.

Kate put her glass down on the counter and opened the back door.

“Boys, lunch is ready!” she called to her sons.

Immediately, all three of them stopped what they were doing and charged for the house.

“Take off your shoes before coming in.” Kate reminded them.

They stopped short, bumping into each other, as they rushed to get to their sandwiches. They kicked off their shoes and sat down at the table in front of a sandwich.

In unison, they took a bite. One smiled while the other two made disgusted faces.

Kate took out two more slices of bread for herself when she noticed two of her sons looked unhappy. “What’s wrong?”

“Is this grape jelly?” Eddie asked.

Kate nodded.

“I don’t like grape.”

“Me neither.” Mike added.

“I love grape!” Ryan said with a grin.

Kate sighed. “Well, I’m glad someone likes the sandwich…” she took the plates away from Eddie and Mike. She put one in front of her figuring that she would eat one instead of making a new sandwich. She’d wrap the other extra up and put it in the fridge for her husband when he got home from work later that night.

When she put the wrapped sandwich in the fridge she found strawberry jelly and took that out. She made two more sandwiches and put them in front of Mike and Eddie.

She walked back over to the counter and was just about to take a bite out of her own sandwich when Mike made a disgusted sound. She rolled her eyes and turned around.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Is this strawberry?” Mike asked.

Kate nodded.

“I don’t like strawberry, remember? I like raspberry.” Mike explained.

Kate looked at Eddie. “What about you?”

“I like strawberry!” Eddie said smiling.

Ryan was already on the second half of his sandwich.

Kate groaned taking Mike’s sandwich back. She wondered why she had three different flavors of jelly in the fridge… She had three boys all the same age, how was she expected to remember who liked what? Especially on the weekend.

Kate wrapped up the strawberry sandwich and put that one in the fridge as well. Her husband was going to have lunch for the next two days. Lucky him.

She made yet another sandwich using the raspberry jelly. She placed it in front of Mike. She watched him take a bite knowing that was going to be the last sandwich she was making. If he didn’t like it, then too bad. He was going to eat it anyway.

Mike smiled after he took a bite.

“Like it?” Kate asked.

“Perfect.” Mike replied.

“Good.” She turned back around to eat her sandwich.

Ryan finished his milk and jumped down from the kitchen table. “I’m going back outside!” he put his shoes on and ran out the door.

Kate watched him leave as Eddie was eating the second half of his sandwich and Mike was still on his first. She took a bite out of the grape sandwich that Eddie didn’t like at first and made a face.

Oh, whose idea was it to make grape jelly?

Kate didn’t have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches often, so she didn’t really know which flavor of jelly she really liked. But now she knew that grape was not her favorite.

She wrapped that one up as Eddie finished his sandwich and ran back outside. She put it in the fridge with the bite taken out of it and took out the strawberry jelly sandwich. Her husband would just have to eat the two grape jelly sandwiches for lunch.

Mike said his thanks to his mother and ran out the door as soon as he finished. Kate gave him a wave and then took a bite of her strawberry sandwich. It still wasn’t that great, but she decided to eat it anyway. It was better than the grape jelly and she definitely wasn’t going to make another brand new sandwich. She went through half a loaf already!

The front door opened and Kate waited cautiously wondering who could have possibly been home. After a few moments, her husband walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face.

“Hey! My meeting let out early so I packed up my things and decided to work from home tonight.” He explained.

“Great, you’re just in time for lunch. There are two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the fridge.” Kate said.

“Why are there two and why are they in the fridge?”

“Long story,”

Her husband shrugged and took one of the sandwiches out of the fridge. He sat down at the table and took a bite from one of them; the one Kate had not eaten before. He made a face and Kate rolled her eyes.

“What is wrong with you people?” she asked.

“Is this grape?” her husband asked.


“I don’t like grape. What about the other sandwich?” he stood up to go over to the fridge.

“That’s grape, too.”

“Oh… Got any strawberry?”

Kate looked down at her own sandwich. She had already eaten half. She sighed and pushed the plate towards her husband.

“Well, I don’t want to eat yours.” He shook his head.

Kate got up and walked out of the room. “Nope, I’ve lost my appetite.”

Words: 1,105

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