Unwritten: A Summary

For April’s Camp NaNoWriMo I decided to write something completely new. I’ve been working on so many projects so I thought I would add words to existing works or edit.

However, it’s still NaNo, even though it’s Camp. I always feel like I’m cheating if I don’t start something new. I was going to just suck it up and add words onto my mystery series or something when one random day I thought of a brand new story idea.

I kept thinking about the idea thinking of new scenes and clever lines. I wrote them down in a notebook filling up a couple of pages. The next thing I knew, Camp NaNo was emailing me to set up my novel as April was just a month away. So, I thought, why not write this new novel?

It’s not going to be a priority after Camp is over, but who knows? If it turns out well maybe I’ll post it on Wattpad or even deem it worthy enough to publish someday.

In my March Goals post. I mentioned this new novel briefly. I wanted to give myself some time to outline and really give the plot a good look-over before explaining the story any further on the blog.

Since Camp begins in less than a week, I thought it was time to finally share what the story is about.

I have no idea if this summary is going to do the story justice or even if it’ll change down the road, but this the basic gist so far.

When Scott O’Malley loses his wife, he doesn’t think his life can’t get any worse. But in addition to losing his best friend, work hasn’t been going well either. His assistant is a college intern who doesn’t know what she’s doing and on top of everything else, he loses his promotion.

He’s frustrated at work and his home reminds him too much of his late wife. He soon loses all will to do anything, until he meets his new neighbor, Lily Bloom.

Lily is too happy for Scott’s liking as she flies by the seat of her pants, taking in each and every day as a new opportunity, and giving a positive outlook on everything no matter the circumstances.

Lily takes it upon herself to get close to Scott as they come to realize how alike they are. The more Scott shuts himself away from the world, the more Lily is determined to show him how to live his life again and to rewrite the path of his own future.

What did you think? Is this the type of story you would read? Let me know in the comments below!

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