Would You Rather (For Readers)

I love the game Would You Rather and have played it a couple of times on my blog. Last month I did a Writer’s Edition of the game. This time I’m doing one for readers.

I’m not tagging anyone in this, but feel free to answer these questions on your own. Be sure to link back to me because I would love to see your answers!


Would you rather only be able to read stand-alone novels, or always have to be reading books part of a series?

ItΒ depends on what the story is and who the author is, but I think I’d have to go with series. I feel like there aren’t many standalone novels anymore because books just get so popular. If I like a set of characters, then I definitely want to read more. So I’m going to have to say series with this one.

Would you rather only be allowed to read print books, or ebooks?

Print books. While ebooks are always at your fingertips, easier to bring with you, cheaper, and easier to buy instantly, I would miss that paper and ink smell. And the satisfaction of turning those pages and listening to them crinkle.

Would you rather never be able to re-read books, or only be allowed to read five new books per year?

This one was tough, but I have to go with only being able to read five new books a year. There are so many books I’ve read in the past that I would love to re-read. Plus, if I could never read Harry Potter or Warriors again, I think I’d be sad.

Would you rather read 50 pages a day, or only five books per month?

50 pages a day. You can easily read more than five books a month, depending on the length of the books. But I think it’s important to get into the habit of reading a little bit each and every day. And honestly, it’s not about how much you can read in a month. Just read because you enjoy it.

Would you rather read only one genre all the time, or read every genre except your favorite?

All genres except my favorite. Why? Because I think there’s a little of every genre into every book. My favorite is mystery, but there’s mystery in so many novels and genres that I think I would be satisfied either way.

What are your answers to these questions? Do you agree with me or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

In other news, I’ve challenged myself to read five books between Sunday, February 19 and Sunday, February 26. Feel free to join me and check out my daily updates on Twitter, Tumblr, and my Bookstagram!

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37 thoughts on “Would You Rather (For Readers)

  1. Rachel, have you read the book by John Birmingham, “Would You Rather”, with your class? Then, you can play the game, have great discussions and debates. Great children’s book!

  2. I definitely wouldn’t be able to live without re-reading Harry Potter at least once every couple years. Plus there are dozens of books I read in college that I keep coming back to as I get older because they keep getting better. Re-reading is awesome, and I’m so glad goodreads lets us track books that way now.

  3. I definitely disagree on series. One of my biggest pet peeves in any media form is when a series extends into infinity XD so assuming the quality of the books is the same, I would much rather read a chain of stand-alone novels than a neverending series. Other than that, though, I pretty much stand the same way as you.

    • I can’t blame you on that one. I do hate reading a book only to find out that it’s book one of 12… Unless, like you said, it’s really, really good.
      The series that got me into reading in the first place way back when I was 11 was the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. The series is still going on. Look it up. I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how many books there are. πŸ˜‰

  4. Ooh tough questions. I would also definitely go print, and I tend to enjoy books more when they’re part of a series. For the last question, my favorite genre is also mystery, and I would be fine being limited to that.

      • I’m very old-school and have long preferred Agatha Christie, particularly her Poirot mysteries and the obvious choice, And Then There were None. I should probably be asking you what are some great mysteries that you would recommend!

        • I love Agatha Christie! I’ve read the first two books in her Poirot series, but that’s all so far.
          Honestly, I’ve been looking to BookBub for mystery books. I’ve been looking at various styles and authors. One series I do love though is the alphabet series by Sue Grafton. The first book is called A is for Alibi. It’s a quick read.

  5. Some really tricky questions there. I’d love to do a post answering them all, so I’ll not leave any here. Your reading challenge sounds interesting, I’ll go check it out on Twitter now. πŸ™‚

  6. […] A couple of weeks ago, I told you all about a game a blogging friend, Rachel, posted, called “Would You Rather?”. She created a writer’s version and a reader’s version. Two weeks ago, I played the writer’s version. Today, it’s the reader’s version. The premise is the same: I’ll answer questions provided by Rachel. I won’t tag anyone, but you’re welcome to play along. The link to the reader’s version of her game is here.  […]

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